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May 8, 2011
Matteo Darmian match discussion thread for the 2015/16 season.
Club America - 18/7/2015

Solid, which for me is all you ask for in a right back, don't need anything flash. Had a thought about this after the game and I was a fan of Rafael but I don't think I would have described him as "solid".
FC Barcelona - 25/7/2015

Nice to have an actual right back now
Makes Valencia look even worse, hard to watch him at times when he came on last night.
Tottenham Hotspur - 8/8/2015

More than solid performance today.
This lad is class, full of composure, good on the ball and can tackle properly. Needs to work on going forward, but a great signing
He and Smalling look a solid pairing down that side.
Excellent debut for him. He was made to look even better by Valencia after he came on.
Only caught the last 15 mins and Valencia was terrible, Smalling had to mop all his mistakes up. Glad we have this lad.
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Just watched the whole game, having missed it, very impressed by him. I like Rafael but Darmian is an improvement on all fronts.
Very solid one on one - made Villa's attackers think twice about even bothering to try and get past him, they ended up just passing backwards.
Very good performance from him. Seems the real deal. Hope he keeps improving as the season progresses
PSV - 15th September 2015

His worst game for us by far, both he and Blind struggled with their wide players on the counter.
Very poor. He looks like he needs a rest. Not a good time for him to be tired. I heard the commentator say we are heading into a hectic 15 day period with 5 games in it.
The problem is our back up right back is Valencia.

Varela must be really shit.
Manchester United 2-1 Wolfsburg - 30th September 2015

Found a solution to losing Shaw but means Valencia at RB, man was 5 yards (SLIGHT exaggeration) deeper than everyone else for the goal. Thought Young did better, can cross a ball too!
Arsenal 3-0 Manchester United - 4th October 2015

Bit of a shocker today. He needed support.
Azerbaijan 1-3 Italy - 10th October 2015


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Everton 0-3 Manchester United - 17th October 2015

Did well today going forward offering an outlet. Final ball can be lacking though.
Crystal Palace 0-0 Manchester United - 31st October 2015

He's been looking pretty poor recently
Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United - 28th November 2015

His attacking ability is next to useless. A fit Rafael was miles better.
After a bright start he has been poor for a while now.

Valencia is still first choice right back.
He needs to pick up his attacking play as well as his link up play with Mata. He shows no inclination to take on his man at all.
Manchester United 3-0 Stoke - 2nd February 2016

Much, much better. Looked like he was playing with more freedom to support in attack, played without the shackles on.
Like his early season self tonight, before he was vangaalised.
Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United - 7th February 2016

Much better.
solid, exactly what you expect from him. That is the standard we want to see and if he can improve his attacking influence its even better.
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