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I'll admit I didn't watch the second half so I can't judge him on that. But first half he was pretty awful! Every time he got the ball he played it backwards.

Again I reiterate that's based on the first half only.
I disagree. I thought he played pretty well throughout.

I really didn't see that first half. He doesn't win enough in the air for a guy who's meant to be a big strong aerial threat. He isn't quick and his first touch generally means he needs to then go backwards to retain possession. But hey the commentators thought Rashford was brilliant in the first half and I really didn't see that either. He was good in patches but others he gave away possession or his touch wasn't good enough.
I think he has become an easy target. Can we do better than him? Of course we can. However I am not sure we can do better with the present squad. He won plenty in the air yesterday, particularly in our own box. He set up a good chance with a header at the far post I think for lingard. Scored a goal. Scored the winner in the last round. I think it's time to lay off him for the rest of the season and see who we bring in next season.
See I'd still much rather see Schneiderlin and Herrera play in the centre of the field. With Rooney now given license to roam we don't need to rely on Schneiderlin to do things that aren't his strengths. You can get Carrick play making from deep, Rooney then roaming around and Schneiderlin protecting the back 4. Or you give Fosu-Mensah the chance to play in central midfield. Whether you sit on the side of Fellaini or not, there's no way he should be at the club next season. And if he is then it's going to be another struggle just like with LVG.
I am a huge fan of herrera and personally I would always find a place for him. I thought schneiderlin was going to be the best signing of the summer and has turned out to be the biggest disappointment. Probably partly due to lvg but there is only so much you can blame the manager especially for a defensive midfield player. By and large his job is to win the ball and distribute it. You criticise fellainis passing but schneiderlin has been as bad.
See I was in the same boat about Schneiderlin when we signed him. For me he was the best signing we made because he was exactly what our midfield needed. It's not turned out so far as we'd hoped but I don't think by any means he's been the biggest disappointment? That award goes to Memphis for sure.

In the first third of the season I thought Schneiderlin was excellent. He did what he's meant to do and protected the back 4 brilliantly. Where he fell down was people didn't feel he did enough on the ball but that's not his game. And it's no coincidence that our team played such great football when Herrera and Schneiderlin were paired together. It's because they were the perfect pair with the way both play.
I had a period thinking those two should be our first choice midfield 2. Truth be told, like you have said yourself about lingard, and it applies to many positions here, there are better players to be had which might place some of these as good squad players. Schneiderlin must pass the ball better to play that position. As I see it him and Carrick are competing for the same position atm and it says a lot that Carrick is winning that battle.
Yes Schneiderlin needs to do better on the ball but I just felt like fans I talked to at the time were being unrealistic. They seemed to want Schneiderlin to protect the back 4 whilst at the same time create chances.

It was nobody on here as at the time I wasn't on this forum but it just seemed wrong to me.

I agree for a Manchester United player you need to be good technically. Keane was a tough physical midfielder but still had the ability to go with it. But I don't think Schneiderlin has been as bad as people make out.
It's a tough one all through the team. I watched them against villa and came away thinking we need about 8 players. Other games I think it's more like 4. Lvg should actually leave us in a fairly solid position. Hopefully a new manager can bring in the right players, improve some odd the players we have and develop the young players.
Oh I definitely agree! I look at the squad and I think with a few sales and a few additions it could be there or thereabouts.

For example I think under the right manager Memphis could really Excel. And if they can get him firing that's like a new signing. Of course we'll get Shaw back so that's a new signing and we know Borthwick-Jackson can provide cover. So yes for as much as I think LVG has done a bad job there are a few positives to take.

4 quality quality additions and a little bit of a clear out and it could be a side that could compete! Some players will have gained more experience and under the right manager could really flourish.
Possibly up there with his best performance for us. Not a fan of players not celebrating after scoring against former teams so it was pleasing to see him do that in front of the Everton fans and point to name on the back of his shirt. Him and Rooney fantastic in those midfield positions ahead of Schneiderlin I thought, both making contributions at both ends of the pitch.
I really think I missed something here... He must have been truly outstanding in the second half if it was one of his better performances? Given how first half he didn't really have much impact at all and what he did do was always to play the ball backwards.
Tbh I think it is nothing more than you dislike him that much you can only see bad even if it's good. Truth be told I think we can do much better long term but right now he is probably worth his place. He is never going to be a classically good midfield player spraying 50 yard passes. He is what he is.
Yeah maybe... I mean the goal yesterday was a very good finish. Good movement in the box and a good finish with his weaker foot. And he did knock a ball down to Rashford in the box in the first half. I just don't see that enough. He's got a good first touch on his chest and should cause havoc but he doesn't do it enough. And it's a shame because he could have been a really good plan B for us.
Position he's playing now is where he was best last season. He's very effective in this role, so much so that Mourinho decided to have him man marked last season by Zouma and that killed us in that game.

This was superb!
To be fair I think plan b is what he should be really.

I honestly didn't mind the idea of him being a plan b when you need it. In fact I'm sure a few times last season LVG did just that. He causes panic in the opposition box and if you need a goal then there's nothing at all wrong with that. But for me he's nothing more than that and for a club like ours that isn't the way we should be setting up to play from the off.
Shock... The guy is a walking liability who does this time and time again. I don't care if he's played OK for the last few games it's not ever enough to have to put up with his antics. I can't remember the last game he played where he didn't push it to the point where he was lucky to stay on the pitch.
3 game ban, as much as I dislike him I would've liked him for West Ham.
He is going to be missed. He was playing really well too. Just our luck.
Could be the last time we see of Fellaini, I think if a £20m offer comes in the summer I think he'll be gone. To be honest there is always a valid argument that he should be sent off every match, his arms go all over the place, and he just isn't very clever. We will miss his height and he has played wel of late, but can't say I'm disappointed about the ban.
Hopefully he's played his last game for the club and hopefully we never have to see him in a United shirt again. I don't care if he's been one of our better players in recent weeks... That's a damning indictment of how bad we've played. People might see that he adds something to the team but I don't see it. He's slow, his touch is awful, he always passes backwards and he should get sent off pretty much every game. I'd happily see us pay a team to take him off our hands.
People are a bit one eyed when it comes to fellaini. They only focus on the bad things that he does. Never the good things. Anyway I have always felt that he has been treated poorly by our fans.
There's very little good to focus on though! He really doesn't add that much to the team so it's hard to overlook the bad things he does in every match.
Well let's see. How about all the clearing headers from corners. He gets a lot of it. How about having a menacing presence in the opposition box. He had a very good game against Everton and even then people saw no good in his performance that day.
I tend to agree. Long term we can do better him but atm I think he is worth his place. I feel positive we will miss him against West ham.
Yeah, not a fan of him and most games we don't need him, very useful in the big games though and away from home under Van Gaal when Van Gaal's tactical plans actually seem to work.
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