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Club Brugge - 18/8/2015

Vital goal.

I wonder if we will see him in Januzaj's position when available?
Hope not. Januzaj was good in both the games he has started. Fellaini should always be plan B.
Agree with that. Really enjoyed Januzaj's performance tonight and would like to see him get a run in the first team. It feels like the right time to do so.
Bosnia - 3/9/2015

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Liverpool - 12th September 2015

He isn't a striker but we knew that. I don't think Rooney would have done any better.
He was poor. He is lacking match fitness/sharpness to be fair.
I felt for him a bit today. He doesn't have a strikers instinct. He plays an unusual position at his best, sort of a number ten target man. He can be effective there but as the main striker, not for me. I am quite frustrated in a way because I actually think we are a too striker frim being a very good team.
Manchester United 0-0 PSV - 25th November 2015

Bit of a shocker.
Bournemouth 2-1 Manchester United - 12th December 2015

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He was our main threat today, shouldn't have been taken off. His attitude has been commendable of late - his performance and attitude in the recent under 21's game against Liverpool was terrific and I feel he's been granted the opportunities since as a result of that - coupled with our injury list of course. He fights for everyting though and we need more of that throughout the side. We aren't showing enough by way of attitude at the minute.
I'm not his biggest fan bt he was the only threat I saw on the pitch and wasn't trying to hide away.
I feel it is very unfair how fellaini has been treated by our fans just coz of him being a symbol of all that was wrong about the moyes reign. He is a decent player on his day and carries a goal threat for us. Don't get this slagging of route one goals from fellaini. As if goals from him are somehow tainted.
Stoke City 2-0 Manchester United - 26th December 2015

My russian commentator summed his performance up "hahahah.....Na."
Newcastle United 3-3 Manchester United - 12th January 2016

Quality was poor. Defensively okay-ish. Crucial miss.
I am not making him a scapegoat for tonight but he was a strange signing in the first place, where is his best position? He is unlikely to make central midfield with bastian & morgan the main two and mata, herrera or lingard further up the pitch. When he is thrown up top, he fouls the defenders giving away so many fouls, I cannot see him as a united player. Maybe he will go in the summer, probably best eh?
one word: abysmal! The first to be kicked out of Old Trafford. Fed up watching that headless chicken
Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United - 17th January 2016

He was our best midfielder. Faint praise, I know, but he was at least involved. Important header.
Umm... OK... I'm surprised by that actually but maybe that's more of a criticism of the other midfielders?

I thought he was rather atrocious. The only influence he had was to foul and elbow the opposition. In fact by the end he was rather lucky to have not been sent off.

His passes always always go backwards no matter where he is on the field. He's useless in the air despite that apparently being his best asset and he just gets in the way. Why LVG kept him on is beyond me. Why LVG sticks with him is an even greater issue.
I don't think he was lucky not to get sent off. Infact I think he was more sinned against than sinner today. That said he isn't really good enough. If you play with schneiderlin as the holding midfielder then you really need a top passer alongside him. Unfortunately we don't really have one
I think the shoves and scrapping on the sidelines in the first half was a definite booking and there then were a few niggly little fouls that added together could have been another. But I agree you need a ball playing player alongside him and there's no way Fellaini provides that.
Sunderland 2-1 Manchester United - 13th February 2016

His ability to defend the penalty area/set pieces was missed today and in the last ten minutes against Chelsea.
Van gaal doesn't do himself any favours does he. Fellaini was on his best run in the team and he rests him against a big Sam team. Squad is thin enough without giving people a bit of time off in case they get injured.
Wow times at Old Trafford really are bleak these days...

Fellaini is being called for! We missed him today? Jesus and we were meant to have improved our midfield this summer. If he is still first choice then things are dire!
I think you are confusing being automatic first choice with being worth his place atm. I am not mad keen on him but he should have played today. If not in the first eleven at least on the bench
Yeah I am buddy... I'm just frustrated with the performance today and all season. In fact for more than a season now! Fellaini hasn't been good enough since he stepped foot at the club so I can't believe he's still here.

We brought in two midfielders last summer to finally fix our midfield and yet it's no better. And to make matters worse despite offering very little, Fellaini is still one of the better choices we have.
Yes it is frustrating. I don't think he is the answer bur beggars can't be choosers. That where we are. He has earned his place in a very weak midfield and to not only not pick him but to not even have him on the bench is criminal. Personally if they weren't going to play him I would have had herrera in there. I would never have Carrick and schneiderlin in the same team.
When van gaal was asked he said he was more or less injured. Which means he was in the red zone and might get injured. I have just text my boss and told him I am in the red zone and I will see him on Tuesday
We go back to the injuries then, why are they in the "red zone"? We're playing once a week. It's no wonder we're playing poorly if we're training so much that players are on the edge of getting injured.
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