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May 8, 2011

Friday, 22nd July 2016
Pre-season Friendly
Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai
13:00 BST
I know it's only pre season but I'm pretty excited about this... Good game between two good teams... Hopefully we will get to see more of Mkhitaryan and Bailly?! Maybe even Mkhitaryan will be played on the right to accommodate Rooney?!
Rooney will have taken part in 2-3 days of pre-season training. Is he certain to feature or start?
No he's not certain but I figured its pre season and so maybe Jose feels the best way to get him real minutes is in the game on Friday?! Maybe it's more realistic to think he'll be selected for the second game on tour.
I think Mourinho's said that those who were at the Euros will only be training on tour. If they do play, i'd be surprised to see any of them starting either game. The Chinese heat and humidity isn't the best place to be playing games either after just a couple of training sessions, could do more harm than good, not ideal weather conditions to train in either. Think their first training session was yesterday, the others have been training for 2 weeks and have game time under their belts too, they're pretty well prepared. The Sweden game, Rooney's testimonial and the Charity Shield will be used for the Euro boys I think.

Missing both China tour games, will probably try and catch them on repeat or online. Really hope Tuanzebe is given more minutes. Would really like to see Pereira given more time in that deeper role too, a game there against Dortmund would tell us more about whether he can really play there.
Mourinho reveals team news for Dortmund test - Official Manchester United Website

Jose Mourinho has revealed part of his Manchester United team to face Borussia Dortmund on Friday, telling MUTV that Eric Bailly and Phil Jones will both start in central defence.

New signing Bailly started the previous friendly at Wigan Athletic alongside Daley Blind but Mourinho is keen to trial different combinations of players during Tour 2016, presented by Aon.

The manager confirmed to MUTV: “In the other match [against Wigan] I started the match with Bailly and Blind as central defenders. Tomorrow I shall start with Bailly and Jones, to see different things and we will try for the best result but that is not the most important thing.”

The match against Dortmund at the Shanghai Stadium represents United’s first big test of the summer and, during his pre-match press conference on Thursday, Mourinho explained why he expects a tough examination from Thomas Tuchel’s Bundesliga side.

"They are a team that has played five matches and a team that has five matches in their legs. They started training a couple of weeks before us and they didn’t have so many players like we did in the Copa America and the Euros.

“So basically they only have two or three players out, they have the whole team working together for about a month and I repeat they have played five matches. So I expect to see two teams in different moments of their preparation, but it is good for us because it is more of a challenge.

“We are not here in pre-season playing for points so if you don’t win then you don’t win. You try to have conditioning in the team and to know the players better. For example I want to see the different formations and different players in different positions with different combinations."
Team: Johnstone, Valencia, Bailly, Jones, Shaw, Blind, Herrera, Mata, Mkhitaryan, Lingard, Memphis.
Blind playing in midfield is interesting. Possibly a one off due to limited options in midfield or perhaps not.
Blind playing in midfield is interesting. Possibly a one off due to limited options in midfield or perhaps not.

I think that's the position he's going to have to play though... He's not going to play at CB unless we are desperate.
Hopefully we can pull a goal back otherwise this could be an embarrassing result... I know it's preseason but you don't want to take a thumping...

How's Bailly doing?
I missed the first 20 minutes. United have been sloppy from what I've seen. The conditions are very humid and sweat is pouring from the players.
Really the result doesn't matter but if we get stuffed that's not good. But then we should remember Dortmund have been back in training a lot longer.

The main thing for me is how are the two new boys doing?
Half time changes: Romero, Rojo, Young and Rashford replace Johnstone, Jones, Lingard and Memphis.
3 goals conceded has to be a bit of a worry? But I guess with no De Gea and one was a wonder strike and the other was a penalty?
Deary me I'm not sure what to make of this to be honest... Shambles comes to mind?! Not the start Jose will have wanted and lots of work to do I think.

I'm surprised our first tour game is one vs such strong opposition. Surely you'd want a easier first game to shake some of the rust off?
Well this will bring some of the expectations from Jose and united a bit back to earth. This is still a new team with a new manager and most of our players are not back to prime fitness levels. We should not give too much importance to pre season results. I would rather lose all pre season matches and do well in the league. Rather than the other way round.
Bit of an overreaction to this from many sections, not sure what people were expecting. We've beaten Barca and Real Madrid in last 2 seasons having been ahead of them in our pre seasons and it turned out we weren't actually that good. Dortmund are ahead of us in their pre-season by a fair stretch and aren't really missing any players in their squad. 3 weeks from first game, as long as we're ready then.
Yeah I think an overreaction is natural after so many positives this summer. All the good work done in the market and bringing in Jose... There was a real optimism that today has been brought down a bit. But it is pre season and we are a month behind this Dortmund team in terms of fitness. It's a bad result but not the end of the world. Just shows the work left to do
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