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West Brom - 20/10/2014

Poor performance. Poor defensively and no impact going forward. Is Di Maria's first instinct to cross rather than look to link with Shaw the reason why he had little impact going forward?
Think it's important to remember that he and Januzaj are still very young, playing in a young side. Average age of our starting line up was youngest of any team in PL this season. Apart from Di Maria, the older players that are playing aren't exactly helping them either. There's a real lack of leadership too.
Chelsea - 26/10/2014

Much better today. Could really do with a settled back 4 now though.
Fantastic. Excellent defensively and had a good understanding with Januzaj in the first half. Di Maria should utilise him more.
Thought he played well, but when he goes forward I wish he would take the defender on a bit more, we know he has the ability, but seems to pass to Januzaj or Di Maria instead
Manchester City - 2/11/2014

Very good, one of our best today up against the pacy Navas. If only we could have some regular defenders next to him.
Yeah, he was fantastic bar one or two moments. His 1v1 defending and blocking of crosses was excellent. One of our better players.
He was better than decent. Unfair to compare him to Evra at this stage of his career.
Crystal Palace - 8/11/2014

Excellent. My man of the match.

Fingers crossed he's at United for the next 10+ years.
Yeah best player on the park. Very nearly a first goal for the club too. Really settling in nicely now.
Arsenal - 22/11/2014

Shaw left the Emirates wearing a protective boot.

Doesn't necessarily mean anything though. I doubt they know how serious it is yet to be honest. Didn't look great but he did play on a bit. Played with injury for England the other night and played on today. Nice to see him wanting to play on but is it perhaps a bit naive from him to be doing so?
West Ham United - 8/2/2015

One of our better players today. The tackle for his second yellow card was a bit silly.
I thought Shaw did well today. I missed the goal and sending off because I was so irritated watching the match
Swansea City - 21/2/2015

He was ok, he's like a left sided Valencia.
Yeah he seems to lack that bit of confidence to take the man on the outside. He was doing it for Southampton so you'd have to think it's a confidence thing why he's not doing it here.
Arsenal - 9/3/2015

Injured again? He's been a disappointment for me and hasn't lived up to the hype.
Chelsea - 18/4/2015

He was very impressive. His use of the ball in the final third was very good.

I have no worries about Shaw's future.
Perhaps his best game for us. If he can get over injury problems I still believe he can be the best LB around.
He gave Ivanovic some problems for sure. I do think we missed Blind's intelligence down that side linking with Young and Fellaini.
I thought he started quite well. Ran out of ideas the longer the game went on but he wasn't on his own there.
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