Loan Watch 2022/23: Amad at Sunderland


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Feb 15, 2012
Good luck to him Rangers didn’t work out he needs this to work but can’t be good joining a club on loan who’ve just had to change their manager at short notice.
Just had a look currently being used as a sub.

Seems to be coming on after 60 minutes most weeks and is yet to start a game.
Precocious talent, and he's got a top bloke to guide him. Should be ready to kick on at United next season.
I like him. He’s endured an underwhelming two years and a slow start at Sunderland but he is now demonstrating his potential. Hopefully he continues to develop and challenge for a place in the first team next season.
Lets hope he keeps it up.

Championship is a great learning ground for a player like him it's a tough league with the schedule and it's played at a frantic pace but there's still plenty of quality on the pitch.

Hopefully he keeps his spot and helps Sunderland to a decent season, there are so many doors open for these young players at Utd now to force their way into this squad for next season.
Scored an absolute screamer tonight against Birmingham. Looks to be finding his feet there.

It is great to see him getting his career going it’s been a tough few years for him since moving to Utd. Things clearly stalled a bit for him and rangers didn’t work out.

Hopefully he keeps pushing on with Sunderland this season in a really tough league.
Interesting that he'd been playing deeper and more centrally recently almost as a playmaker, and it's funny to watch him do his best Duncan Norvelle impression as at times he's got 4, 5 or 6 players chasing after him trying to get the ball off him, and the more that try to dispossess him the more he wants to beat. It's "chase me chase me" almost.

The only worry with that is eventually somebody will take umbrage and try and do him.
They absolutely love him. Seen some calling him the best player in the league by a distance and it's evident why he cost £34m.
Good to see the real Amad after that disaster at Rangers where he just looked like a spare part.
Scored today 8th of the season in a 2-1 defeat.

Another beauty of a finish.

At championship level he looks miles above it players can’t get near him.
He took his goal brilliantly. One of our more successful recent loans.
has been mentioned in another thread but he’s missed the last 2 games with what the manager described as exhaustion.

Basically they’ve decided to rest him to avoid a likely injury.

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