Loan Watch 2016/17: Adnan Januzaj at Sunderland

Mourinho: "He fits in my plans which is why he's on loan at a Premier League club. If he didn't fit into my plans then we don't care about where he's going. We care about him and think he's a talented player. I want to give give him all the conditions to develop and to play well. He is in the right place with a manager that likes him a lot. Hopefully everything will go well for him because we want him back!"
Well I know the team didn't want to sell him but I can't see him making it at the club to be honest... He's done I would imagine. Hope he can revive his career out on loan.
Very good run. Hopefully does more of that. However I just don't think he's willing to fight for a place with us.
He's certainly a talented player who if he can sort the mental side of the game out could be a really good player... Not sure he's going to make it at United but he has a chance.
Adnan Januzaj good enough to 'win leagues' for Man United - Nicky Butt

United sold Tyler Blackett, Donald Love, Paddy McNair and Will Keane this summer, and while he does not believe they were good enough for the Red Devils, Butt wants to see Januzaj part of the United first team.

"They're really good lads and will have a good life, nice houses but they weren't at the level for United," Butt said. "It doesn't hurt me as much as, say, if Adnan Januzaj went and never came back.

"He's got the level to play for United and win leagues and Champions Leagues. Maybe he's not been as dedicated, a case of too much too soon, a millionaire now."
Premier League: Sunderland 1-0 Watford - 17th December 2016

Januzaj was apparently heavily involved in Sunderland's winner.
Has looked good when i've seen him on Match of the Day recently. Just lacking end product really. Assume he can't play against us on Boxing Day?
Mourinho on Januzaj's future. "I have decided. [Can I say what it is?] Not to you."
I reckon he'll be sold only 12 months left on his contract I think time to cash in on him he's done ok at Sunderland but not enough to make an impression on Mourinho in my opinion
To much hype to young broke in at a bad time should've been breaking through as a squad player ended up with Moyes relying on him as we had nothing else going for us that season.

Compare him to Sterling who broke through around same time their careers have gone completely different directions.

I think a move might do him the world of good find a team that can build around him and develop is game all the talent is there it's just not quite right for Utd
I'd be disappointed if he left for me he's got all the talent in the world and we'd be giving up on him too quickly. The only thing is we have too many players in his position. That breakthrough season think it was the stoke game he came on and we were 2-1 down him coming on lifted the crowd and the team. He's one of those players that when he's on form gets you in the edge of your seat.
If he was playing for someone else would you want to sign him?

I find myself asking this question about so many players at Utd and more often than not I say no. He's just not good enough at the moment to deserve a place especially when you have younger better players ahead of him like Martial & Rashford.

Januzaj will never fulfill that potential at Utd maybe we could get a deal with a buyback option in it as a safety net but this kid needs to go get a fresh start somewhere his career has totally stalled.

He clearly clashed with LVG and he kind of lost 2 years after his amazing breakthrough season but I think now is time for a fresh start there is just something missing from his game and I don't think Mourinho is the guy to help him with that. A club like Bournemouth or Southampton maybe even Stoke under Hughes might be a good place for him to make his next move.
It's a tricky one for moves abroad maybe Seville, Monaco, Benicia or Porto clubs with growing records of nurturing talent he'd have to take a pay cut to go to these sort of clubs but they might be what he needs. Utd aren't going to be able to demand a lot for him as he's only got 12 months on his deal so looking at £5-10m for him
I'm not sure about Januzaj, on the one hand I want to give him a chance but on the other, if he can't be the star in a poor Sunderland side then not sure he has what it takes. It's a tricky one for Mourinho but my head tells me that he's looking to move him on. He looked a star when he first burst onto the scene but his attitude since has been poor and I think he has downed tools at times for Sunderland, which we don't really need in a young player.
Tough for a player like him to shine in a team that bad he must barely see the ball and when he does you do see the quality.

I just don't see where he fits at Utd and he's not the greatest defensively so he is a luxury that I don't see Mourinho entertaining.

He'd need to make a big impression in pre season but I think the decision has been made and he will be sold he needs a fresh start at the right club where the manager believes in him. If Sunderland go down and Moyes stays that might not be the worst place for him as they could build around him in a league where they will be able to compete.

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