Lisandro Martinez | Match Discussion Thread 2023/24

Were the players at peak physical fitness before ETH came in? Maybe his more rigorous training regimes are out of the comfort zone of many? I just refuse to believe professional athletes can get over trained. ETH surely isn’t an idiot and could recognise this as potentially a sign of why there is so many injuries.

I remember Liverpool before Klopp were quite poor fitness wise and then he got them fit and ready. I’m pretty sure this was proper tough training and sure it’s the same now.

It could just be a case of some of our players being used to the easy life in training and this beefed up regime is tough for them. I remember hearing a rumour that the players were complaining ETH made the run too much, I didn’t really believe it but wouldn’t put it past some players to make noises to the media.

Also if our players are intensely pulverised in training, where is that intensity they learn on the pitch when it matters?
Something needs looking at as we are getting far to many injuries.

Players training loads are closely monitored are they allowing players to push to hard to fast as they come back.

The only thing you would say with Martinez is it’s 3 different injury it isn’t the same injury 3 times.

I suspect for the centre backs because of the injuries they’re all rushing back rather than taking extra time because we are in a constant crisis mode. That is never a good place to be.
I've said before, we have been left behind regarding Sports Science and facilities at the club due to the lack of investment from the Glazers. Hopefully, change is on the horizon. As has been said above, it is many factors, constant firefighting due to the injury crisis, pampered players, etc.
Is it maguire and kambwala for Thursday they look to be our only fit centre halfs unless varane was just a precaution. Please no more injured defenders it's just ridiculous.
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Makes such a difference to have him at the back. If we had him and Varane fit for the whole season, then think we would have been a hell of a lot better.
He is so well spoken. Very insightful to the noise around young players.

I noticed he got Garnacho after his goal to re focus him