Lady Cathy Ferguson has died

Sideshow Bob

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May 8, 2011
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A hugely important person in the history of the club the women behind the greatest manager of all time that allowed him to devote his life to the pursuit of greatness while she raised his children.
Heartbreaking for Sir Alex. So hard at the best of times but when you’ve been together for so long it must be so tough. RIP.
Shows how much of an affect SAF has had on my life that I was genuinely upset on hearing of Cathy's passing yesterday teatime, and sat there for an hour or so thinking of how lost SAF must have felt when he woke up, that's if he slept, having close family by probably helps but knowing the person you most want to walk into the room isn't going to for the first time in 57 years must be truly heart-breaking for him. He'll try and laugh it off saying finally after 57 years i've got my hands on the bloody tv remote but ....

Thanks for talking Alex Ferguson out of taking the Tottenham job Cathy. RIP

And condolences to Govan's finest and the Ferguson clan.

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