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Only problems been was he was slowing the transition from defense to attack a bit. He still has had a good performance today.
Newcastle United - 22/8/2015

Our best attacker. He was the one who looked like creating an opening in the second half.

I would prefer to see pace in wide areas though.
Yeah lack of pace there unfortunately. I also think if we're going to have Memphis cutting in on the left, we need someone hitting the byline on the right or Darmian (and Shaw) need to improve their final ball.
Odd game to watch. Depressing that we can't score but considering the lack of shots and chances created in the opening two games, it was refreshing to see us peppering the Newcastle box and goal today. Still, worried by our lack of penetration. Definitely need some pace up top.
Struggles on the right without his mate Herrera. I would have put him at 10 and Januzaj out wide. He can really slow us down on the counter because his version of a sprint is my jog.
He was interchanging with januzaj in the second half. He slows up the counter as se7en says. We can try playing him in the no 10 role and young on the right. Might give us some pace.
Swansea City - 30/8/2015

Rubbish apart from his goal.
I think he can play on the right in 4-3-3, where his starting position is closer to the opponents penalty area, but not convinced with him on the right in a 4-2-3-1.

His passing was negative today.

He and Darmian provide little attacking threat on the right.
He is pretty slow. Doesn't offer pace on the counter neither does he offer defense cover. He took his goal well enough. Was shit apart from that though
I've seen his right foot, that certainly wasn't a shot.
PSV - 15th September 2015

Rubbish performance from him, he hasn't offered enough this season.
The second half performance in his favoured position was disappointing.

I'm not convinced he is a 10 or a proper playmaker. I think he's a second striker.

I'd like to see him be more direct and take the riskier option rather than the safe pass.
Southampton - 20th September 2015

He was good today, especially when he roamed from the right.

Don't think he's been brilliant for us but similarly to Rooney of a few seasons ago who was similarly hit or miss in terms of performance, you can't knock his goal contribution whether it be goals or assists. Been involved directly in 27 goals since he signed, more than anyone else. Prefer him on this right side in this system. Think he'd be better centrally in a more fluid side.
Manchester United 3-0 Sunderland - 26th September 2015

Another goal and assist.

Manchester United 2-1 Wolfsburg - 30th September 2015

Been pretty brilliant since that PSV game. Possibly his best game for us tonight. Beautiful assist tonight. Another thing that's gone unnoticed is how often he comes out on top for us in distance covered stats.
Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United - 28th November 2015

He doesn't take control and put his authority on games as much as he should. He's a good player not a top one.
I forgot he was playing in the first half. He was a bit better in the second.
Manchester United 0-0 West Ham United - 5th December 2015

Fairly standard Mata performance to be brutally honest.
Been saying for past month or so now that unless he can make switch to the middle, he's finished as a starter for us. Pace needed in wide areas.
I forget how much he cost and he really flatters to deceive most of the time. I always used to think he'll be way better in the middle but he's been pretty useless there and he's even worse without Ander.

Somebody should get him on a decent strength and conditioning program, his weakness and acceleration are pitiful.
Just looking at the stats. Hasn't scored from open play since September and hasn't assisted since then either. His contribution at the start of the season was good. Horribly out of form, change needed.
Wolfsburg 3-2 Manchester United - 8th December 2015

Better and more involved. More of the same, please.
Bournemouth 2-1 Manchester United - 12th December 2015

He needs to stop hiding so often. Useless today.
He was quiet. The passing was a bit more direct in the first half and the cross-field switches bypassed him; the team tried to attack in wide areas.
I thought he was okay. He at least tried getting things going. Much prefer him playing centrally.
Manchester United 2-1 Norwich City - 19th December 2015

So so poor today.
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