Jose Mourinho on Paddy McNair, Adnan Januzaj, Memphis, Marcus Rashford

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May 8, 2011
José Mourinho reassures Depay and Rashford their day will come

Mourinho on McNair:
“I didn’t want him to leave but he wanted to go and make a fresh start,” Mourinho said.

“He didn’t want a loan, he didn’t want to go away and feel like a hostage of the club’s desire to bring him back. The kid came here at nine or 10 years old and we all decided that if this is what he wants he deserves our help, but I didn’t want him to go as I still think he is a good player.”

Mourinho on Januzaj:
“We cannot be selfish,” Mourinho said. “We think Adnan is a talented player but he needs games for his development. Hopefully everything will work out for him this season because we want him back.”

Mourinho on Memphis:
“Depay is very much part of my squad,” Mourinho said. “I know you look at the last match and he was not even on the bench but in September we have the EFL Cup, Europa League and Premier League, so that will be the end of the frustration for the players not being selected at the moment. I was impressed with Depay at the last World Cup and that was two years ago when he was a very young kid.

“I watched him many times at PSV, and having that player in mind, I want to keep him. Especially as I see a good boy, a good professional. You can see him driving a nice car and think his mind is not on football but that is not the case. I don’t care what people think, I believe in him. He is frustrated with what happened last season when he lost all his confidence but he will be back.”

Mourinho on Rashford:
“I see why English football has such high hopes for him, I like him a lot,” Mourinho said.

“He’s very good but he is still a young boy with a lot to learn. At his age he can have ups and downs, and you have to be ready to support him if that is the case. Potentially he’s a very good player indeed and he is already a good professional. The way he works and the way he lives, it is all good.

“Whether he remains in the England squad is up to Big Sam [Allardyce] now, it is not my decision, but I can say he is one of my important players and he will play a lot this season. After that Sam will make up his own mind.”
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