Jose Mourinho has dig at fans over Romelu Lukaku

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May 8, 2011
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This bothers me. Fans at any club have a right to voice their opinion it's as simple as that. They've paid their money (which isn't cheap) and ultimately they will be the ones who come rain or shine will continue to keep backing their team through thick and thin for years before and after any manager is there.

I thought the shush was originally aimed at the Jamie Carragher's of the world who had been on his back all week about being negative and needing to win. But after that interview I see now its aimed at us. Which is a joke.

I thought Lukaku could have been subbed for Martial instead of Rashford. I dont think its unreasonable to be unhappy that a lively Rashford was subbed off. But fair enough he made the correct call and Lukaku did end up playing a massive part in the win. But being manager of Manchester United means you have to rise above things like this. The result alone means he was right there's no need to lower himself by speaking or acting like this. Sometimes the managers right and sometimes the fans are, but we should all be pulling in the same direction and not making unnecessary friction like this has.
I'm not overly convinced by this.

1. Fans should never ever boo your own players, under no circumstances, if I would have been at the game on Saturday and anyone near me was actually booing Lukaku he would have been told to wind his neck in.

2. I thought the boos were because he was taking Rashford off, not actually booing Lukaku so more the decision to take off Rashford rather than having a pop at Lukaku performance, which as lively as Rashford was, Lukaku hit the post with a great header and set up the winner. Booing the managers decision is shocking and he was proved right as the link up play between Martial and Lukaku was far better and it ended up with the win, Jose knows what he is doing, far more than any of us, and it worked, so rather than booing the manager decision, back him, trust him, because he was proved right.

3. I think the shush thing was meant for the media after the over the top criticism of his record in big games and the Liverpool game at Anfield, hence why it was said to the camera and not directly at the fans, I don't think it was meant for the fans.

This is something that is creeping into our home fans these days, booing Fellani absolutely shocking, now booing if we don't agree with a decision by the manager, need to get rid of this ASAP
I think the Shhhhh was aimed at the journalists/pundits he said that post game.

The comments about Lukaku were a seperate thing and it might be as simple as him knowing the player is a bit down in the dumps so wants the fans to get behind him rather than get on his back as it might be that his confidence has dropped a bit and he might be a guy who's head drops when fans are on his back.

Personally I don't get fans who moan and boo during the game. Yes you've paid your money but entertainment isn't a given and the only time you should ever boo a player or the team is if they aren't trying. If they just have a bad game that's not enough to get on someones back if anything you should be getting behind your team. Regardless of paying £5 or £50 for a ticket the only thing you can really expect as a fan is effort.

Mourinho has been on the fans a lot lately especially at home he knows how important the atmosphere can be for home games and Old Trafford's atmosphere is shockingly poor now.
Yeah agree with you mate, OT now is just corporate corporate corporate, its one of them the club want to attract fans from all over the world and market the club everywhere but with that comes tourists and corporate, which is going to hinder the atmosphere, same now at Anfield and the likes of the Emirates, and City when their fans don't go in fancy dress as blue empty seats haha
It's everywhere sadly and while pricing has become a major issue for a lot of fans there are also other issues the takeover saw a vocal group of fans walk away, a lot of guys who do the aways have season tickets that they pass on and if it's your first time chances are you don't know the songs and won't join in to many fans wants to be there for the experience but not be a part of it.

I find the mocking city for empty seats being a bit small time basically what we're saying is haha you don't have a load of rich fans to fill your stadium every game, give them a few more years and they'll have all the tourists coming to fill those empty seats. It says a lot about your pricing policy if you can't fill your stadium in one of the biggest cities in the country with by some distance the most exciting team to watch on show. I think it's amazing that people come from all over the world to watch Utd but you need that hardcore like our away fans to get the songs going for them to then join in.

I feel it's a lost cause at Utd unless they can get safe standing in and quick and it'll mean shifting a lot of people out of the lower stretford end tier but if it got approval that whole lower tier should be made standing only at make it a real "home end" again, you can see the difference it's made at Celtic and if the legistalation does change Utd need to be ready to act fast on it but you feel with our owners any penny that doesn't need to be spent won't be spent.

They've tried this singing section thing and to be fair they give it a go but to many people in there don't join in and are only in their because they were to stubborn to move out of it or as in other parts of the ground people pass their season tickets on for most games because they only really have it to get the away credits.
Yeah think the City thing re the empty seats is more a counter to them claiming all their fans are from Manchester and the fact they packed out Maine Road week in week out but now struggle to fill half their current ground, tongue and cheek with them but all good banter.

Yeah I know a few who only have season tickets to apply for away tickets and hardly ever go to home games as the atmosphere has died, I had a season ticket in stretty tier 2 for 12 years and although the atmosphere is still good in there, I would not sit anywhere else in the ground now bar stretty end as it winds me up, can't stand, can't do this can't do that, people having to record every single part of the game on their phones, whats happened to just enjoying the game and getting behind the team.

I actually prefer the pub before the game these days to the game itself and prefer to go to away days rather than OT, which is sad but im old school and love to sing shout and go mental rather than catching it all on my phone and sit there with my flask of coffee lol
I think that is part of the issue rather than try to do something about it people just gave up so it kind of has a multiplying effect on the atmosphere and as more stay away it'll only get worse.

There's a real fine line at the moment Utd fans should expect better than we've had for the last 4 seasons especially at home where our form has been poor and it's been painful to watch at times but I still think we should be getting behind the team more but they've got to give the fans a little bit more to shout about and the manager plays a part in that with his tactics, he needs to give us a team that we want to cheer.
yeah agree to a certain extent but under Moyes the atmosphere was mental, I can remember being at the two games in a week we got smashed 3-0 by city then week later smashed 3-0 by liverpool and during both games the fans were incredible just going absolutely mental.

Not being funny but if we cant get behind the team when were second in the league with a goal difference of +19 at this stage of the season then something is seriously wrong.

We expecting the harlem globetrotters to rock up and entertain us? I just think its the era we are in at the moment, unfortunately most of the fans that turn up these days just sit there expecting to be entertained, I thought I would miss my season ticket a hell of a lot more than I am but being honest, two European away days and a few away days in the prem and I am happy, until the emphasis from the club moves away from corporate hospitality and back to the casual fan who likes a sing song, im all good with a few away days with the proper fans
I'm not a fan of going to Old Trafford. Much prefer to get a few away tickets up and down the country having a sing song than sitting next to people who are having a chat about what they had for dinner last night.
haha mate totally agree with you there, never forget three americans sat next to me and two of them were fast asleep while the other was playing angry birds on his phone for an hour, baffles me why go if your gonna sleep!!!

Totally agree, give me an away day going crazy any day of the week, ppl in certain areas now get angry if you try and sing, modern football to be honest, I was born a decade to late, the 80s would have been my kind of scene lol
It's a major problem for the club but it's not one that really has a financial impact on them because as long as the ticket is sold then they don't really care they probably want people who will go and buy something from the mega store, buy a programme and spend money in the ground rather than your more traditional fan who might buy himself a shirt or a scalf every season, never buys a programme and turns up just before kick off and necks two bottles of beer at half time. I don't think I've purchased a programme in about 15 years but most games I go to I'll pick up a fanzine as I like to see what the fans are saying rather than the PR machine at Utd which has filtered everything down to be bland and non offensive and on message.

Thing is those who want to sit down and watch should have that right but it's all about getting people in the right places, if you want to bounce around and make a load of noise you go in here if you just want to sit and watch the game you go in here. Football should be for everyone but the way if works at the moment is you have people who want to do one thing in with those who want to do the other and that way no one wins because it's quite hard to relocate now with so many season ticket holders most people just stay where they are.

I think the Moyes year was fine as it became very gallows humour and in the face of adversity I was at that Liverpool 3-0 game and the place was rocking but 2 years of LVG killed us. Was it one period where we went something like 10 home games without scoring a goal in the first half of a game, there was definetely some mad stat about K stand not seeing a goal either for or against for something like 5 games. I certainly remember a lot of games where Utd only had 1 or 2 shots on target in the whole 90 minutes which is pathetic and to be fair to Jose even last season he put a stop to that. Old Trafford is still fine for the big games like every ground in the country when one of the other big 6 come to town the ground is fine but for the other 14 games including european group games and cup games it's flat as a pancake.

So when you get someone having a moan about Fellaini or Lukaku you can hear it and because there's no real self policing amongst fans anymore the divs that do this sort of stuff don't get shut down by fans straight away.
Haha getting in two mins before kick off and necking two pints at half time, you been sitting by me at OT mate? lol
When you go on the Stretford End do as the Stretford Enders do I guess haha
Haha that is right mate, need a new pub though now seen as Sammy Platts is no more!
Saw on twitter the other day that the trafford pub has had a complete refurb and has been turned into a "supporters" pub think it's planning to re-open for the Newcastle game in a few weeks time. It's been shut for ages not sure if they're planning on opening every day might just be a match day pub but could be worth checking out.

I go with my old man who's not really into all that so we've always drank in the quadrant near the cricket ground pre game it's busy but you don't need to be in there at 9am to get in it's not much of an atmosphere and it's a 10 minute stroll to the ground which works for us.

On the wider issue of atmosphere that is part of the problem you get all these pubs that are bouncing before games then everyone kind of heads off to the ground but they then seperate and go off to wherever your seat might be so you don't have that congregation of people in one area who want to make a bit of noise and atmosphere.

Back on topic slightly hopefully the away fans get behind Lukaku next weekend at Chelsea because he is going to get it big time from their fans and all the build up will be Lukaku vs Morata so hopefully Mourinho plays to his strengths a bit because if we just punt balls to his head all afternoon he's going to struggle.
Yeah mate looks good the Trafford, were gonna go Tolegate I think, the march up to the ground looks a right laugh so will check that out.

Yeah I dont think there will be any worries re the away boys, defo be behind Lukaku and especially with Jose saying that they will make a point of it I reckon, especially if we can do what we never ever do and actually get a result at their place, its worse than Anfield for performances we just never seem to get anything there, drives me mental
Yep we are shocking at Stamford Bridge funnily enough ever since Jose arrived I can’t recall many league wins at Stamford Bridge it’s by far the worst ground for us over the last 10-15 years. Always feels to me like one of their centre backs scores from a set piece every time we go there or we give away a stupid penalty.
The fans are the fans and I also told that the fans paid their ticket. They are free to express themselves the way they want to express, but my job is to protect my players and I think Romelu is one of the players that should be untouchable in terms of the respect from everyone. It's not one goal or one ball that hit the post or one that can make Romelu's contribution below the top level, he's playing extremely well for us and I have to protect my players when I feel they deserve it and Romelu always deserves it because what he does for the team is fantastic. Playing football for a striker is not just about scoring goals. So he is untouchable in my team and also in the support and respect he deserves from the fans.

Mourinho's making a mountain out of a mole hill.
I’m not sure what game he’s playing but feels like he’s worried Lukaku’s confidence has taken a knock so he’s making it clear to everyone in a very public way that Lukaku has his full support. He knows him quite well so maybe he’s trying to get in his head a bit to fire him up before the Chelsea game as he knows going back to that ground brings back bad memories for him.

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