Januzaj's United future in doubt after Van Gaal freezes out winger

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May 8, 2011
Adnan Januzaj's Manchester United future in doubt

Adnan Januzaj's Manchester United career is in the balance after the young Belgian star was dumped by Louis van Gaal for a “bad attitude”, reports Steve Bates in the Sunday People .

The £60,000-a-week winger has been sidelined and could even be sold in the summer after infuriating van Gaal.

Januzaj, along with Brazilian midfielder Andreas Pereira, made Van Gaal’s blood boil with a poor attitude in an Under-21 game against Middlesbrough at the end of February.

Since then, 21-year-old Januzaj and Pereira, 20, haven’t figured in the first team for the last fortnight missing Premier League games against Watford and West Brom as well as the Europa League defeat at Liverpool.

And if van Gaal somehow survives the sack this season, word is that he may sanction Januzaj being sold.

Van Gaal believes the youngster is struggling to couple his talent with the necessary steel to make the grade at the very top.

Furious Dutch boss van Gaal was angered at the dismissive approach of both Januzaj and midfielder Pereira towards the Middlesbrough game and immediately axed them from the senior squad.

The under fire 64-year-old coach then made the duo play in a closed doors friendly against Oldham last week – in which they both scored – but he refused to recall them to the squad for the Euro tie at Anfield.

Despite a crushing injury list in double figures, van Gaal refused to put the Belgian-born duo in his squad for the games against Watford, West Brom and Liverpool instead calling up rookies James Weir, Joe Riley and Joe Rothwell to fill up his bench.

The incident marks another low point for Januzaj who was recalled from a proposed season-long loan spell at Borussia Dortmund in January amid concerns about his mental toughness.

Januzaj played only one Bundesliga game with Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel disappointed that the United youngster didn’t show more appetite to make the move a success.

The youngster and his advisors had demanded he be allowed to make the move to Dortmund against the wishes of van Gaal.

The Dutch chief told Januzaj he would be better off staying at Old Trafford, continuing his development and fighting for a place in the United squad.

Januzaj ignored that advice – and he’s now fallen foul of van Gaal’s strict rules on first team players having the right attitude and approach when they drop down to the reserve side.
I think if I was any United player I would just hang tough till the end of the season. I think it will be all change then. It might be no different for them with the new manager but you never know
Januzaj was not eligible to be in the squad for europa league match as he was cup tied. Looks like an article which has been dictated by the agent or another "kick them when they are down" article.
I do wonder why Januzaj hasn't been given an opportunity when we've seen the likes of Rashford, Lingard etc.
I guess it's because he was sent back from Dortmund due to his mentality / attitude?! I can't imagine that has gone down very well with LVG at all... I too am surprised and to be honest when he was sent back I thought maybe we would make a real impact. With the injuries we've had it's pretty damning that he's played no part at all.
Januzaj refused to play for Belgium U21s the other week.

Remember watching the U21s game in which they were taking shots from corners. Januzaj was also taking a number of shots from range whenever he got the ball and was like a kid on a playground pretending he was Cristiano Ronaldo with the number of stepovers he was doing. Great talent but he's going nowhere because he thinks he's already made it, not willing to work to get in a team, thinks he's better than he is. Pereira had shown no sign of being unprofessional before Januzaj came back, a bad influence on Pereira I think.
No Januzaj in our U21s side tonight. Seems he's off, don't know anything other than what I've read, if those things are true then good riddance, talented but he's not so good that he can get away with it.
Looks like his time is up at Old Trafford and he knows it... The best thing they can do (if that is the case) is freeze him out of all sides because we don't need a bad influence around the club. If he's starting to negatively influence our youngsters then he needs to be pulled aside or dealt with.
Manchester United forward Januzaj subbed at half-time in U21 win vs Chelsea

Adnan Januzaj's Manchester United career was plunged into further doubt after he was substituted at half-time in the Under-21s' win at Chelsea.

Januzaj did not appear to be injured and a spectator at Stamford Bridge informed the M.E.N. that U21 coach Warren Joyce 'spent the whole half b********g Januzaj'. On one occasion when Joyce was screaming at the Belgian, Januzaj was seen to just shrug in response.

Didn't see the game? So can't comment but nothing new really, seems to have gotten too big for his boots.
I watched the game. I thought he played OK. Seemed to me to be doing everything he had to do and didn't see the shrugging incident, though that may well have happened. He was coming back from injury so the substitution may have been pre planned. He may well be getting too big for his boots but tbh I didn't particularly see it last night.
45 minutes due to being on the bench today it seems. I doubt that would have happened if he had been that bad.
Why Memphis stayed on the park past half time I will never know. He was hopeless! He gave the ball away every time he got it, fell over his own feet and contributed nothing. Januzaj should have been brought on to give us something extra.
He was being brought on but the substitution had to be it on hold coz of the knock to carrick. Too much shit is being printed and posted online about januzaj. We would do well to sift through the content online before forming an opinion about what is happening at the club.
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