Is Pereira doomed to fail?

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Jul 13, 2010
It would give me more joy to watch him come in and succeed than it would a new signing, but now with Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger coming in will he ever get a chance?

I'm not complaining about signing these players though.
'Doomed to fail' is a bit dramatic.

Opportunities for youth players will become less and less with the demand for instant success and the want for new signings every summer. However, the cream will rise to the top. Young players will get game time if they are good enough.

A season long loan would now be ideal for Pereira.
If he is better than those who are perceived to be in front of him then he will get a chance to break through. I don't get this penchant for giving youth a chance just for the sake of it. They should be given a chance only if they are good enough.
Think his future may be out wide anyway, showed very good things from wide for Brazil U20s earlier this summer. Fair deal of competition out wide too mind, although perhaps not as strong. Centrally, he's challenging Mata, Herrera and Fellaini, not really those that have come in this summer.

I said at time of him signing a new contract that a loan may be for the best, some shot me down on twitter and may be on here too for saying that. Part of my reasoning for saying this at the time was that I didn't think Van Gaal likes to rotate so much regardless of the extra games we will play this season coming but he has spoken about having to do so in England because of the physical nature of the league. I've actually changed my opinion on loaning him out, partly because of this but also after he impressed for Brazil U20s and that he'll probably benefit more from just being around Van Gaal and the squad we have now.
He will get opportunities but personally feel he's a bit away from being ready to play first team football regularly for any premier league side let alone United. May benefit from being around the squad this season and then a loan to a Premier League side the following season or alternatively a Championship team this season and Premier League the season after.

Whether he's going to fail at United or not will be largely down to him though I feel. Personally regardless of what options we have I'd be skeptical as to whether he will be good enough. Plenty of ability but hard to know what his best position is.
During the Q&A event, Van Gaal said Pereira will take Januzaj's spot this season.
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