Harry Maguire incident in Greece

she is an ugly slapper

It was in Old St.? not many resi places around there to go home and get a knife from. She must have bought it from somewhere!

I have been a little worried about his potential form. Hopefully he's mentally strong enough.
Can’t imagine the mayor of Mykonos is to happy about all this as it will deter rich people from visiting the island if they think they might get treated this way.

As for Maguire must have been a horrible experience it seems like everyone is ok physically just a few mental scars to heal I’m sure the club will help him and get support around him and he seems to have a tight close family. I’m sure he’s stopped looking on social media a long time ago no one needs that hassle in their life.

Not having fans in grounds might help as he’s not going to be getting abuse from fans in the ground.
On the flip side, the home fans have helped raise the spirits of players in the past, Cantona, Ronaldo, Beckham
On the flip side, the home fans have helped raise the spirits of players in the past, Cantona, Ronaldo, Beckham

I think those 3 also fed off the hate when the opposition fans got on their backs they played better a lot of top players have that character trait.

Not really a related topic but will be interesting to see how players react to fans coming back as when they first come back there will be almost no atmosphere but when grounds are full again one day will they be able to adapt straight back in to that added pressure.
Was announced in March that the hearing was unlikely to be heard this year due to a backlog in the greek courts only emergency cases are currently being heard.

Courts in Greece have 8 years to carry out a trial if they decide it's necessary most likely all ends up being dropped.
Can't imagine he'll go to prison. The other two got suspended sentences so you'd imagine he will too.
Look set for 1 year of prison

He got a suspended sentence first time around he’s looking to get the guilty verdict over turned in a higher court it’s unlikely new evidence is going to get him a tougher sentence than the one handed out in the original court.

If he loses I would expect the original suspended sentence would be upheld.

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