Guillermo Varela to join Genoa?

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May 8, 2011
Meeting going on right now at Man United on shock transfer

Guillermo Varela has never been as valued by Manchester United fans as today, with many, who doubted whether he'd ever make the grade, tearing their hair out at the thought of a transfer to Genoa. It's being used to condemn or back Louis van Gaal, depending on your chosen stance, and Varela is suddenly an important player for Manchester United.

That said, it would be a shock transfer if Varela was to leave in this window, given how short Manchester United are on numbers, especially at fullback. However, that shock would disappear and become invalid if Manchester United decided to actually buy a fullback, or if certain players returned from injury more quickly than expected.

The reports in Italy get more confident about a deal with each one, and now TMW, who started the whole thing, have an update according to their own information. It's claimed that Manchester United and Varela's entourage are in a meeting, right now, trying to get a deal done.

Varela's entourage are trying to 'unlock negotiations' and find a way a transfer can happen.
Heard that Van Gaal blocked a move but Darmian and Young's injuries aren't as bad as first feared and Valencia is on his way back too. A loan could happen before deadline day but it depends on injuries.
I've not seen a great deal of Varela but I've seen him put in some good performances for us. OK he's made mistakes but he's still young so that's expected.

Maybe move him on in the summer if he really can't make the grade but right now we need numbers! Even if those aren't the best players we need full backs with us being so stretched in that area. Would be odd for LVG to loan him out giving he was complaining of our bad luck for injuries at full back...
Well right now the decision to block his move looks a very sensible one! He's going to play a fair few games over the coming weeks. Here's his chance to impress.

Thought he did OK the other night though yes it was just Shrewsbury. He looked to get forwards and looked good on the ball. If he can perform these next few games then maybe he'll fight to back up Darmian next year?

Thoughts guys?
He was excellent yesterday and he can give darmian good competition for the right back spot. Let's hope competition for places makes this team better.
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