Justin Cider

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Oct 13, 2016
Was trying to sign in a few hours ago and was getting the message you are already signed-in, click 'here' to be redirected back to the forum, which I did to find I wasn't logged-in, rinse repeat

Seems ok now but it happened 3 or 4 times, anybody else had the same issue?

Something for the forums techno team to keep an eye on maybe. Stay logged-in came the cry.

Laptop - Windows 11_22H2 - Opera
Would it have killed one of you Mods to have replied to this, its not as though you do feck all else.

Anybody else getting this nonsense?
Happened the other night.

Just assume the server that hosts the site went down.
Reassuring that's it's happened to others, thanks fellas

I could understand it if I was trying to log-in to the site for the first time but it always happens when I'm on the forum in the middle of an exchange, or just switching from one thread to another, and it can happen 15-20 times a day, and it's been like that for at least a week now, it's so bloody annoying ....

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