Fans let their displeasure be known (v CSKA)

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Sideshow Bob

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May 8, 2011
Boos at Martial being replaced and chants of "attack" and "we're Man United, we want an attack" during the game.

Martial had an off night and the decision to replace him was understandable.

Odd for the fans to act in this way tonight. I thought the performance was one of the more positive displays of the season.
The booing was in poor form. But I think it was pre planned as previously van gaal has said that the fans are still chanting his name so they must be enjoying the football. Don't think the booing was warranted as it was clear that martial was having an off day. And Rooney actually had a decent day.
I think when you are looking for goals and take a striker off it just looks bad. I don't particularly think it was a bad decision. Infact I think it worked out quite well. The fans made van gaal aware of what is expected and he disnt really lose face as we got the winner
Weeks of frustration which boiled over when our best striker comes off while Rooney stays on again.

He needed to hear the were Man Utd we want to attack chant.
I was surprised. Moyes didn't even get that level of booing. But in a way, it's perhaps needed as Van Gaal's felt that we're perfectly happy with the football because the fans chant his name etc. but it's not the case, we're just getting behind the team/club/him. Now he perhaps knows that we want/expect more from him.
Louis van Gaal can understand frustration of Manchester United fans

"The supporters have to support the players otherwise they make it very difficult for the players to play at Old Trafford," the United manager said.

"Criticism from the fans is never unfair because it is the feeling of the fans and you cannot criticise the feelings of the fans. I think we have to play for the fans. But as I have already said the fans also have to understand the game and the resistance of our opponents. They also have to analyse that.

"I can only advise the fans to criticise the manager and not the players. It's very difficult to play for Manchester United with a lot of pressure and if you can taste that in Old Trafford because of all the yelling, then it's not good for my players.

"Then it's better to whistle the manager, I can cope with it because I have had a lot of experience in my life as a manager."
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