FA Community Shield 2017/18

Be interesting to see how Chelsea cope they're missing Hazard & Pedro through injury plus Morata is apparently short on fitness but I would assume he will start.

You would imagine Sanchez will be making an appearance as well
Arsenal: Cech; Holding, Mertesacker, Monreal; Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain; Welbeck, Iwobi; Lacazette.

Chelsea: Courtois; Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Cahill; Moses, Fabregas, Kante, Alonso; Willian, Batshuayi, Pedro.
Just flicked over from the cricket for the first time to see Moses open the scoring.
Their signing Kolosinac goods a good player

(However it's spelled)
Chelsea didn't look great, very shaky at the back and a bit toothless up top without Hazard.

Ref didn't help with that penalty call which was an obvious mistake on replay but it looked the right call first time around.

Not sure how I feel about the change to the penalty orders it feels very confusing as to who's got the advantage. How long do you trial it before deciding if it's the way to go?
I don't believe it's being trialled? That is now the penalty shoot outs will be played?
I don't believe it's being trialled? That is now the penalty shoot outs will be played?

Still on trial but being used for EFL Cup, EFL trophy and Playoffs in England this season. FA Cup & Uefa comps still doing the normal way
Oh right. I think it's a good idea matches the tie break scheme in tennis.
Oh right. I think it's a good idea matches the tie break scheme in tennis.

True but you don't have to win by 2 in football like you do in Tennis so I'm not convinced how it will work, seems like big pressure is on the 2nd player if the first player misses at least if you miss in the normal setup you have a chance to recover straight away if the other team misses it feels like there is now a double whammy effect.

Interested to see what it spits out the study they did found the normal way gave the team going first a 60% chance of winning, how many times do they need to run the new system before they feel they've got a fair representation?
I'm not sure I like the sound of it, so a team could take one pen, then the second team miss two and it's all over? So they win by taking one kick?

Maybe they should do 2 clear advantage as per tennis.
It wouldn't be over.

Team A Scores.
Team B misses both.
Team A then has two pens. If score both.

It's 3-0. But team B still have 3 pens to take and they're about to take 2. Miss 1 and it's over. Score both ta 3-2 and pressure back on.

It's still at first based on 5 pens being taken by both sides. Yesterday's game was over because Arsenal scored 4 and after missing 2 Chelsea could no longer get to 4.

I actually wouldn't be against making it first to 5 but having to win by two clear. Penalties is an awful way to go out of a competition so extending it slightly is something I'd be all for.

Edit: By the way all sorry for how many typos I make I'm always accessing the forum on my phone.
Penalties aren't really a fair way of seperating teams after a draw but they're the only thing we've got at the moment. Do we go to golden goal and say we play until someone scores a winning goal? That could go on for ages and just isn't really practical, could we have some sort of judges panel and a point scoring system, again not really practical and open to abuse. Penalties are the logical way of concluding a game if teams can't be seperated after 120 minutes.

Taking turns in a best of 5 each scenario just makes sense, maybe get rid of the coin toss and the team with most shots on target in the 120 minutes gets to decide who goes first but again that's not easy to record outside of the pro games.

I can see why they want to try something else but I just don't think it works unless you also have the 2 clear rule but I'm happy enough with sudden death style shoot outs. Doing first to 5 and win by 2 clear surely just makes the shoot outs longer.

I'm interested to see if it turns out a different pattern it may be that no matter what order you go in the team that misses first in a shoot out probably goes on to lose most of the time which is what happens yesterday and in most shoot outs, very few teams recover after going behind in a shoot out.

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