Everton Discussion 2023/24

Everton apparently will be hit with a 12 point deduction over the international break for their FFP breaches.

Rumours went swirling round the internet yesterday.
If Everton get a 12 point deduction then City should be punished into oblivion! I’m thinking all titles stripped and down to the National League.

Seen a few of these rumours but nothing from a concrete source so could be rubbish.

I don’t think it would be terminal for Everton but would put them to the bottom 7pts adrift. Their form of late has been pretty good so could still avoid the drop.
If City were to be found guilty of all 115 charges then they'd have to be relegated.

Only 4 points adrift as Luton would move out of the relegation zone.

I tend to agree if there's a season to take a 12 point hit it's this one as I don't see any the of the bottom 3 getting near to 30 points let alone 40.
Ah yeah just the 4pts!

Yeah I agree that the three relegated clubs aren’t going to get many wins this season. Burnley are the team that plays the best football but don’t look like they have much steel about them. I think all three will go straight back down regardless of any Everton deduction.

Relegation is the bare minimum for City but even then the EFL are under no obligation to take them into one of their leagues. Obviously they probably would but they would be convicted perennial cheaters so deserve to plummet.
Lets be honest though there's no way City are getting relegated because if they did it would need to be all the way down to the bottom.
City aren't getting punished, or they would have by now. Those big buck lawyers will get you out of anything
City aren't getting punished, or they would have by now. Those big buck lawyers will get you out of anything
I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. 115 charges are a hell of a lot to work through and the City lawyers will try and put the squeeze on it for as long as possible.

I hear a lot of oh they would have been punished by now but this case could take years to be concluded due to the complexities and volume of charges involved.
I think a lot of the stuff with City is City are refusing to provide the information requested by the premier league to fully investigate.

The information the PL have was obtained from a data hack so they've asked City to provide clarification or the original documents that prove this information is false. City have so far refused to do it which is slowing down the whole process just using delay tactics to frustrate the process.

There is no statute of limitations on it so even if it takes 100 years the league can still keep it under review.

Essentially what we are seeing is the PL are a trade body with no real teeth and it probably isn't in their overall interest to punish City as it also tarnishes the premier league reputation.
The statement by Everton which says they will monitor other cases involving EPL clubs is clearly aimed at City. It’s time for clubs to get involved and try and get that process sped up.
Yeah any of these cases need to be done fairly quickly. I understand City are probably doing all they can to delay their case but ultimately there needs to be something done to push that on.

The 10 points perhaps is a little harsh for Everton, they probably would have been expected 3-6, as I don’t believe they ever denied that there was a breach and fully cooperated.
Portsmouth were deducted 10 points for going into administration so guess that's where the reason for 10 points comes from.

The league need to show the punishment for breaking the rules is severe otherwise teams might think over spending is worth it if the penalty is only 3 points.
The accusations for City are all prior to 2018. It’s ridiculous it’s ongoing.
Everton had one accusation to answer, city have 150, which is apparantly why its taking longer :rolleyes:
Everton need to invest in some bigger brown envelopes - can’t fit much bribe money in those little ones! City clearly have those on tap!

Bit of political grand standing.

I believe this is the most serious case the league have been able to take to the independent panel who have supported the league over the club in it's ruling.

The case was a lot simpler than the City/Chelsea cases as the league aren't arguing deception this was a dispute over accounting practises.
Wish the powers that be had left this bullying(and that's what it is because they haven't got the balls to go after City and Chelsea) until after they(Everton)play us, that place will be bouncing on Sunday ....
Get ready for this to be a big talking point again this weekend. The international break allowed it to slide away a bit but it'll be the hottest talking point this weekend.
Everton admitted what they’d done and provided all the evidence their case is an argument about how the rules should be interpreted. The panel rejected their interpretation of the rules and applied a punishment.

Chelsea/City is far more complicated as witnesses aren’t coming forward to confirm the underhand tactics that data leaks have potentially uncovered. Also, the clubs especially City are failing to co operate with the investigations in a timely manner.
it could get messy, there was a rumour some clubs are thinking about a law suit because Everton may have gone down over them.
Yeah Leicester, Leeds and Burnley were reported to be considering making a claim.

I think Everton might end up making an out of court settlement with all of them same way Sheff Utd ended up doing with West Ham over the Tevez affair.

Think if the clubs make complaints to the league then Everton could have TV money/parachute payments for next season withheld.
The point is, if city get found guilty, that kind of thing gets a whole lot messier.

It could even bring other european sides into the picture.
I think if City get found guilty the clubs will want them kicked out of the league not just a points deduction.

They haven't just misinterpreted the rules they have knowingly manipulated them through third party sponsors then failed to co-operate to try and cover it up.

European Sides can't really do anything because the impact on them has already been determined by CAS who over ruled the UEFA ban.
Why not? What power or influence do City really have over the other 19 clubs?

How much money and interest does City being in the league bring to them? This isn't Utd or Liverpool who bring an army of worldwide fans with them regardless of how results are going on the pitch which then brings huge TV contracts/sponsorship deals.

How do Wolves feel about City rocking up and taking a key player from them a few games into the season and just sitting him on their bench?

If they have done what they are accused of doing then relegation is the only option because they have shown they have a culture that means they cannot be trusted and the league has to be built on trust between it's members that everyone is following the rules.
I think the premier league and the FA would just look a joke if that were to happen. Basically the last 10 tears or whatever is it is like a lie, a Dallas story line, we'll all wake up in the shower.

I don't think it's city's power, it's how the Prem/FA will look. I can't see them doing it to themselves, People claiming titles etc. A real mess. I don't think they want it, which is why they are letting it drag.

But I hope I'm wrong. But I think this will just die in the water, they'll let the city lawyers come up with something

btw, you said thrown out the league, which I, probably wrongly, took as all divisions for some reason.
I think it shows strength not weakness especially when the government are about to force a regulator on you because you have clearly shown you are not capable of regulating yourself. It sends the message that yes you can come here and take part but you must follow the rules that everyone has agreed on.

If you let it slide then it's open season every club can just take the p*ss and say well paying the fine or taking a points deduction is the cost of doing business.

Those who systematically try to deceive you should face the strongest punishment and if they prove City were doing that then relegation to me is the only option. Same way it was the only option for Rangers in Scotland or Juventus in Italy when the scale of what they'd been doing was exposed.

It may well be all divisions the football league wouldn't be obliged to take them and they certainly couldn't comply with their spending rules so if they took it to the extreme they could end up in the national league but I think that's unlikely.

The City case is a lot more complex because the premier league will need to prove to an independent panel that City not only broke the rules but they lied to the league by not providing full an accurate accounts about where the money has come from. They disguised owner investment as sponsorship revenue in an attempt to game the system.

Everton showed where all the money was coming from but they were trying to manipulate their "deductibles" from what they spent to comply with FFP the panel decided this was not allowed and therefore Everton had failed FFP and a punishment was required.
I was under the impression this was only related to future by outs of clubs. Not running of clubs.

Fit for purpose checks

It hasn't fully been defined but I expect the regulator will not only want to do checks on new owners but will also want to make sure that current owners are running their clubs sensibly and not recklessly and are operating good governance practises.

A lot of that will be a focus on how the club spends it's revenue and making sure it's being run in a sustainable manner and not totally reliant on owner funding which is what sinks so many football league clubs.

It probably will apply more to clubs within the football league where clubs get into financial trouble and go bust but any regulator will also be interested in the premier league because that is where the money and power is.

The reason the regulator is coming in is because the premier league are never going to impose tough ownership rules as regulations don't suit the owners. When any owner decides to sell they want as many buyers are possible to come forward to get the best price so they're never going to pass strict background checks that will protect clubs from crooks and vultures.

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