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May 8, 2011

Thursday, 20th April 2017
Europa League Quarter-Final 2nd Leg

Old Trafford
20:05 BST
Back to a 4-2-3-1 here i'd imagine. Herrera to be rested.

Valencia Bailly Rojo Shaw

Herrera Carrick Pogba

Mhiki Zlatan Martial

I think an attacking 4-3-3 is what's needed win the game and the first leg doesn't matter but I can see him wanting to protect ourselves from an away goal 4 days rest should be enough recovery time from Sunday.

Bailly & Rojo might need a rest but apart from Blind we have no CB options unless he's going for kids Burnley away I don't think we will see Rojo especially with the derby the following week.

He might start Fellaini instead of Carrick but I think he wants Carrick's experience in Europe

Hopefully they get a good crowd in to help carry the team it's a European 1/4 final home leg the ground should be bouncing
After seeing how well Lingard and Rashford played yesterday, Mikhi and Martial must know they have to deliver the goods to be in contention for a starting spot.

JSP's team looks spot on to me.
not sure what's going on with Martial his confidence seems to have totally gone again he was poor when he came on vs Anderlecht and didn't even make the bench yesterday he almost didn't look fit when he came on as as soon as the defender won his first tackle his head dropped. Confidence seems rock bottom with that kid at the moment whereas last season it looked like nothing phased him.

Maybe just needs a break over the summer
He certainly seems to be on thin ice but seems crazy to just give up on him 18 months ago he was arguably the top teenage talent in world football.

Euros seemed to hit him hard his confidence took a knock and he struggled to get it back not sure the tough love Mourinho used worked in the way he hoped you feel he maybe needed that arm round the shoulder rather than the kick up the backside.

I think a summer of rest and a fresh focus through pre season will do him good think the club need to help him learn the language

Like Shaw club invested huge sums of money in these kids if we give up on them now we will lose money on them but more importantly we may look back in 2 years and see top class talent lining up against us for our rivals. These guys have so much time left to turn it around but they might need to fight against new signings for their places.
Martial can't be let go he's one of the best talents around. Second season is always a struggle for young foreign players.
I personally would not let him go. However in general we are not getting enough goals from the 3 behind the striker so i suspect jose will want to bring somebody in who will score a lot of goals. We already have a lot of players for that position so i would anticipate him letting at least 1 go. Can't see it being lingard or rashford, though he may use rashford up front. Therefore it would be mata, miki, or martial to go.
I think Mata is most at risk I can see Jose wanting a more experienced reliably winger hence the links to Perisic and Mertens. I think he'd like to use youth off the bench but he wants direct experienced players to start games.

In games like this you want guys who you know will get the job done not young players who might have off nights. However, as we saw yesterday when youth is on it's game it can be unplayable as young players are obviously quicker than experienced ones.

Funny how everyone just forgets Rooney he's contributed very little this season and despite his issues we have needed a lot more from him this season. He's just not going to get himself fit enough to be useful in this run in
I don't consider rooney being here next year at all. I am convinced he will be gone and i believe that is the right thing to do. I agree mata is at risk. It would be harsh as he has been one of our better players and a fairly regular goalscorer. He does sort of fall between 2 stools though as he isnt really a wide player but a genuine number 10.
Rooney is gone but the point is for our captain and 2nd choice striker he hasn't contributed anywhere near enough to the team this season even when he was fit.

Mata is a tough one he's kind of needed to help break down the weaker teams who just park the bus as he's so creative but it's hard to see him getting enough games to keep him happy he might need to be sold to raise cash and I think Mourinho will want a much thinner squad next season he tends to work with a core of 15-16 players. He'd be perfect for the game Thursday though

How do we think Jose will play it? Go for the win and risk conceding or invite them on and look for counter attack goals?
I would think he will go for the win. I would hope so anyway. We are more than capable of conceding a goal anywhere so i would like to score goals and kill the game off.
I would think he will go for the win. I would hope so anyway. We are more than capable of conceding a goal anywhere so i would like to score goals and kill the game off.

That's kind of how I feel about it they looked an ok side in the first leg but nothing more than a mid table PL side so you'd hope we should be able to beat them easily. They have to score which helps they have to come out and attack us they can't just put the whole team bashing the ball.

Important thing is we don't gift them a goal to let them back in to the tie first goal is vital
Team v Anderlecht: Romero, Valencia, Bailly, Rojo, Shaw, Carrick, Pogba, Rashford, Mkhitaryan, Lingard, Ibrahimovic.
Subs: De Gea, Blind, Fellaini, Herrera, Young, Martial, Rooney.
surprised no Herrera bu maybe he's tired from weekend and he's not had a lot of rest this season

That team should be more than good enough to get the job done
We have put ourselves in a bad position. Even if we score another goal we could still go out to a last minute goal.
Since Rojo went off we have been dreadful, Blind looks shaky and Shaw looks devoid of confidence in defence. Our midfield needs some energy (ala Herrera). I feel like we need Martial on as well to really stretch the game.

Hopefully we can come out firing and put this one to bed because I would not put it past Anderlecht scoring. Wonder how much Dendoncker and Tielemans would be in the summer? :p
Mourinho needs to earn his wage here team rocked by an injury and is on the ropes he either needs to make a decisive HT sub or change the formation. Utd wide open in midfield and defence is a mess

Big decision but Herrera on for Ibra and go 4-3-3 get control of the game in midfield and back the front 3 to get the goal that centre of defence needs protecting

Ibra is giving us nothing here he's barely in the game and when he does get it ball is bouncing off him.

That injury kills us that's got to be 3-4 weeks minimum out injured and there's no chance of us doing anything without Rojo in the run in.
We look knackered and jaded.

Fellaini on, which by all accounts could be a good sub.
That didn't look good for Zlatan assume he's coming off might be his last appearance for Utd if it's as bad as it looks

He's been awful tonight should've been subbed and missed great chances to win it.

Our finishing in the 2nd half has been woeful

Martial on ahead of Rooney
That's Zlatan done in a United shirt not just tonight
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