Erik ten Hag named new United manager

Mr C

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Mar 22, 2017
Just listened to a podcast with McCalridge/McClaren

They are planning on changing the attitude around the club, which is great news. No more flapping arms and complaing (cough....Bruno) they want positivity. Don't do it, you're out.

'You have to be ready, have to be ready to train, you have to be ready to play, ready to impact as a sub, you have to react,' he said.

'A lot of people now, body language arms up in the air, you've got to react to get that ball back, win that ball back, whatever situation, react quick don't think about it.'

This is great news for me to hear, because I have absolutely hated that about this team.


Jan 13, 2016
I certainly think there are going to be changes from the new coaches. I think Ten Hag is going to change the attitudes of the players and if they don't change then they'll be out of the club.

From what I understand Ten Hag is meticulous and will really drive these players to be the best they can be so that's good.

But they start preseason training on Monday and there are no new additions. And no sales either. And for me that's going to be a problem for Ten Hag and every manager who comes in. Whilst the Glazers are in charge I just don't see things changing at United. I think they'll be a top 4 team at best until the Glazers sell.

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