Erik ten Hag named new United manager

Whether Onana is the right choice remains to be seen but no doubt letting De Gea leave was the right decision.
He needs a win on Saturday.

Going into the international break off the back of 3 home defeats is going to be a very hard storm to ride out for any manager.
Unfortunately, and I don’t agree with it, but everyone knows how this ends. Give him another 3-4 months and he’s going to be out of a job. He may be able to turn this around and for the sake of United I hope he can but it doesn’t look good right now. Football is a funny sport though and things change very quickly.
United have now conceded 18 goals in the first 10 games of the season, the last time we conceded more after 10 games was in 19966/67, which is apparently the year after England's wing-less wonders won the World Cup.

That doesn't read better sober.

If we don't get some kind of style soon, his time is surely up.
Because we were poor again Vs Sheffield
If the squad was fit and there was no style I’d be worried.

He’s managing an injury crisis so he’s having to compromise his style to get results.

Ditching him and starting again from scratch just means another 2 years of turmoil.

No point sacking a manager until this takeover/non takeover thing is over anyway.
Still believe Ten Hag is the right manager for United. Results and performances have to improve, but the culture at the club has been rotten for years, it will take more than one year to correct.
I'm starting to think it will take a minimum of 5 years to build a team that have the right characteristics to play the football we want and even mount a title challenge.
We haven't employed the right players unfortunately. None of them are hungry enough

We used to have players who won stuff but it wasn't enough. These are miles away
I’m nowhere near sacking him yet the injuries are ridiculous but right now he’s playing for results not performances.

Nothing this team is doing on the pitch right now will benefit them in performance after Xmas as when his other players return he’s going to change how we play again. He has gone back to sitting deep and counter attack and just picking players with the hot hand which is why he’s going with McTominay in games.

He needs the club to back him but he needs some help in building that squad. He wasn’t the talent spotter at Ajax that was Overmars (they can’t bring him in for reasons that google will help you with), he needs people around him to go out and find the players who fit the system. They also need to be able to handle the intense pressure and scrutiny you will be put under in every game.

He has to take some flak today though. The decision to open up and go all out attack at 0-1 at half time was ridiculous. Subbing off Amrabat left us wide open in midfield and we give them a second almost straight away, we had played ok first half he made a rash decision and it killed us.

I also think he has got big calls to make on Rashford and Bruno. I said this weeks ago and included Onana at the time. He stuck with all 3 and Onana to be fair has repaid him by getting his form back the other 2 have not and should no longer be guaranteed their starting spot.
I wanted ETH, the glazers f this team over

But ETH should be doing better, poor signings, poor football.

I'm at the point of going against everything united stands for. And getting a Conte or ancelloti. We're never building for a future with the glazers.

We hired rangnik as manager for some bizzare reason. Then bumped him ignoring all the advice he was actually famed for. And most of those players he recommended have gone big.

Club is a joke
Rangnick’s list was hardly a list of hidden gems, pretty much all of those players made big moves for big fees to big clubs. Reality is most of these players had better options than Utd.

Hiring him as a manager was just a waste of 6 months it achieved absolutely nothing as hey sacked off the plan for him to stay on behind the scenes with the new manager to rebuild the squad. I suspect part of that was the players probably all hated him and fans weren’t fond of him either.

The owners need to be looking at investing in January that squad needs signings but the worry is we might be so far off the pace by January that it might be better to write off the season and wait until the summer.
Of course hiring him as a manager was a waste, I said that day 1. But to do that and then not take him on in the role we were going to, makes that decision even worse.
I could see the logic he gets 6 months to assess the squad and plan a clear out but he ended up beating most of the players out the exit door
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It’s hard to pinpoint really but by the end of last season you could tell the players were knackered due the volume of games which included the WC.

Just seems like we haven’t really recovered from the back end of last season. Injuries have been rife this season and just specifically yesterday, if your entire first choice back four are out injured then you will struggle.

I do back ETH but I still struggle to identify what his plan is for a style of football. Other managers can get worse players than us getting a style of play going.

I also think we really do lack technically brilliant players. Bernardo Silva was just fantastic yesterday and we don’t have a creative player that really comes close to us. We still have some big strides to make in the transfer market because I look at our team and think teams like Villa, Brighton, Newcastle etc look far better equipped for a top four challenge.
I cant back him, the team are terrible, he spent 150+ (probably 300+ with last season) and we are worse. The games we have won we have scraped through.

How our transfer dept just went along with ETH and bought a load of players that's played with him before in worse leagues, and thought they could do it in the prem is baffling.

Not one decent performance this season, and zero entertainment. You've got to go to 13th to find a team with less goals. Unacceptable. There are some circumstances granted, but this team should be playng better football, and that is on him

Problem is, I don't give any new person a chance. Club is f'd.

The sale/investment is dragging on for so long, it's like one of our transfer windows. Awful management of the process.
Think to a degree the bounce was a result of a spell of very close games that all went our way, we had a settled side and key players were in form but it was only really Rashford that was putting the ball in the net. We never had a spell where we were consistently putting sides away by 2 or 3 goals and really flowing. It was pretty much all 1-0 or 2-1 wins.

I do think they gassed out in the end that middle bit of the season was brutal. The world cup, followed by the league cup semi final 2 legs and the extra game in europa they basically played a game every 3 days for the entire season. I think they ended up playing more games that City last season with a thin squad that he didn't rotate that much. You can pretty much pin point the moment the season collapsed as that home game vs Seville we destroyed them first half 2-0 up and coasting then both Varane and Martinez get injured 2 freak own goals and we draw 2-2 and we never got the momentum back.

This season the injuries have piled up at a level that almost unheard of and there's still off field problems being sorted out. I do think the summer spending is now worth discussing. A lot of money has been spent but there's no real sign of progress from those signings they've all struggled to settle in.

The off field stuff with the takeover was maybe a positive 12 months ago when it was announced now it's turned negative as no one in the club (outside of the players and Cath on reception) know where their future are. For the fans the realisation that Glazers aren't going anywhere just knocks the wind out of you again on that front.

It just feels like the club continues to drift along and there's no signs that problems are actually being sorted out.
Rumblings from the dressing room getting louder.

Not seen this before from this bunch.........
Happens at every club when the team isn't winning.

No one is going to listen to unhappy players when the teams winning the moment you start losing those unhappy voices suddenly start getting reported.

Seen a few stories about the players think the training is to intense and that's resulting in more injuries.
It does feel like he’s lost the players and he has a massive job rallying them but I fear these players have downed tools - and a lot of them have form for that.

Huge game against Fulham at the weekend. Lose that and you’ve got to say the sack will be on the horizon.
He's defo lost the players. His time is up.

You cant be as honest as he is in press conferences, you can't keep having a pop at players. That with De Gea and probably Sancho treatment.

whatever it is, these players are not happy bunnies.

poor souls :mad:
The stark reality is even if we sack ETH then I don’t think a new manager will have instant results with these players.

There are too many average players with not the best attitudes. Can these players be coached? ETH is not just doing nothing on the training pitch.

I think everyone is at fault at the club and it continues to be a toxic club from top to bottom.
There are too many average players with not the best attitudes.
And this is a huge issue for United. Too many average players yet I think people (not saying any you) expect better. Actually I think they are only just below the level they should be at with the players they have. They are a Europa league type team now. In there with the likes of West Ham and Villa.
I don’t disagree with you about being a Europa level team. The likes of Brighton, Villa, West Ham play better football than us and have a better dynamic within their team.

Even when we played Sheffield United with all their injuries, they had a clear tactical plan even though they lacked the quality to really punish us.

It’s very grim at the moment and not sure these players or ETH has it in them to pull us out of the deep hole.
I still think stick with him but he needs to be told he no longer has full control on transfers we need to put some help in place with that so in January and next summer we are casting the net a lot wider than did he play for Ten Hag at a previous club.

There needs to be a clear vision of what the team is going to look like in 18 months time then build that side over this summer and next.

Changing the manager will not fix the problem this idea has to come from the very top and be set in stone!

He needs to be told that effectively this season is a write off in terms of trophies his focus needs to be 100% on coaching the players to a system and style of play that in the long term will bring results.

At this point I don't care if we finish bottom in Europe and finish 10th we need to start seeing the system he wants.
Paddy Power put it best.

Still, at least Man Utd can solve all their problems by sacking Ten Hag.

It worked with Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho, Solskjaer and Rangnick, so it'll definitely work again.
Of course sacking the manager won't work. But it's what we do, blame the guy at the bottom while we take our dividends.

Unfortunately, it's inevitibile. The best thing for ETH would have been a buy out.

But us fans, it will be business as usual, sack coach, back new coach, crap on new coach, sack new coach - repeat. All the while the stadium crumbles and the football never improves.

The Glazers should write a book on how not to run a football club.
I have basically written off this season already and it would be nice to think that next summer we can get it right but I have no faith in that.

Damn these players getting my hopes up last season that we were about to turn a corner and enter into a new period of success or at least challenging! Sell them all and start again!
Unless there's a genuine chance of relegation he needs to stay at some point we have to back a manager over the players.

Hopefully a season with no European football will see the players unhappy with the 20% pay cut more motivated to leave next summer.

It took Arsenal 2-3 years under Arterta to clear out their squad that was a mix of Wenger/Emery signings that were made with no overall strategy in mind and the squad was full of players that could down tools at any moment on huge wages.

Utd probably need to accept they're in that sort of hole and there's no quick fix to it especially with the FFP situation Utd can't spend their way out of trouble.
I think this is the point I'm making

thats useless, because of the way we are set up. Without a buy out we are just rinse and repeat.

He's already wasted 500m, are you saying give him 500m more? A lot of those players last night, and at the weekend, are his players.