England manager Sam Allardyce for sale

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He has always been an idiotic oaf. No doubt there will be an investigation and he may get sacked but then again, he probably won't. However, the FA may not like their leading man to be making comments about them and also trying to rubbish the rules they brought in. There could be a point where his position becomes untenable but guess that is along way down the road!
Allardyce has left his post as England manager by mutual agreement!
Didn't quite think his parting of ways would come within a day. I can't say I'm too disappointed, I never wanted him in charge but to come in these circumstances must be disappointing to him. Who knows who will take charge now, Southgate has it for four games so if he does well in them he may get it? There is not a plethora of options so who knows, Klinsmann would be my choice as he was before Allardyce was appointed.
Oh he's a complete fool but hey didn't we know that? And he really wasn't ever a good choice in the fans eyes.
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