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May 8, 2011
Vote: Manchester United U21s Player of the Year - Official Manchester United Website

Liam Grimshaw Midfielder, 20, 11(7) apps/0 gls.
"I think Grimmy had to bide his time a little bit and then had to accustom himself to playing in central midfield because he'd spent a lot of time as a youth-team player at centre half. Last season, he missed a year with illness really but his enthusiasm is so infectious within the group. His training levels every single day have been really good. When you've got someone like that, it really helps when you've got small numbers as he's enthusiastic about filling in so you can manipulate things to try and recreate match situations and he's been invaluable in doing that."

Donald Love Defender, 20, 11(3) apps/0 gls.
"Donald has been really consistent all season and has played in a variety of positions. Certainly, his decision-making is getting better now and he's more confident and on the front foot. He is a very powerful and quick lad with good technique. He's probably played at right-back, right wing-back, right-sided centre-half, middle centre-half, left-back, on the right of three in midfield and right of four or five in midfield. So he's shown his versatility! We are trying to produce footballers with good technical ability who are good athletes and are adept in one-versus-one situations. He's got a lot of those boxes ticked."

Andreas Pereira Midfielder, 19, 20 apps/4 gls.
"It has been a funny season as we have a small group on a day-to-day basis. Andreas is one of the lads who has not always trained with us because he's been involved in the first team so it's difficult for him to move between squads at times. However, he has shown a high-quality level of skills when he has played and trained with us, even though it is not always easy when moving between the teams, and he has performed well regularly in the Under-21 team."

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