David De Gea to Madrid?

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I'd like to think he wouldn't go to Real Madrid with him being a former Atletico player. Contracts don't necessarily mean anything now but hopefully get him signed up with us soon.
Give him whatever he wants! I moan about players wages but give him whatever he wants now!
I think it's only a tactic to get a good contract. He should not be heading out to Madrid if we are able to match the wages that he will be offered there.
Apparently, the author of the piece is close to Mendes.

El Real Madrid ya tantea a David de Gea para el futuro próximo | Liga BBVA | AS.com


The future goal of Madrid seems be linked to the name of David de Gea. The current goalkeeper of Manchester United is chosen by the white club to take over from Casillas. For weeks have begun contacts between Madrid and environment goalkeeper ahead of next season.

The goalkeeper Toledo believes that his time at Manchester has been completed and longs Spain and the League (despite conflicting reports emerged in the last few hours on renewal). In fact, whenever he can fail to travel to our country, as it did this week enjoying a few days of rest that had been granted Van Gaal. In the English club know the intentions of David de Gea. Therefore we have hedged its bets by hiring Valdés, who yesterday was presented as a new player of the 'Red Devils' until 2016 with an option of a further year. But besides the signing of exazulgrana, the United also is following closely Tim Krul, Dutch goalkeeper Newcastle would come to Old Trafford if De Gea eventually saturates in Madrid.

Indeed, Victor Valdes had words of praise which is his partner and demarcation: "De Gea is the best goalkeeper in the world".

Link. The contract with the United Madrid ends June 30, 2016 and Old Trafford know that if you do not pass the next summer, would go free next year (if not renewed). Hence will not put undue obstacles to its output. In England, even as they have money. According to the British press claims Manchester United has priced him at 30 million euros (eight more than he paid for Atletico in 2011). The arrival of David de Gea to Madrid would cover off Casillas, who after the final of the Champions came to an agreement with Florentino Perez to continue at the club this season and to go free on 30 June. Upon regaining ownership, the white captain (signed through 2017) has also regained some of its cache and not lack offers.

But De Gea not only take over from Casillas in Madrid. It also points to the team. In fact, Del Bosque has already appointed him as the natural replacement for Iker in goal for La Roja.
There was a rumour going around yesterday that Mendes was stalling on De Gea contract until we make a decision on Falcao.
Few quotes emerging from LVG's presser that were embargoed.

LvG asked if David De Gea will be at United long term: "I think so yes. There is no problem for him to sign [a new deal]. David De Gea has developed himself in the 6 months I have been here. I am very pleased. When you're a fixed line-up player then you're probably the best. Then the manager is very happy that a fixed line-up player will stay."
I've resigned myself to him leaving. It's inevitable. A shame that we've built him up and Madrid will reap the rewards for years instead.
A guy I know saw Dave at La Tasca in Trafford Centre last night, and said no deal is done, but is happy at Utd
Marca say Bernd Leno has passed Madrid test and isn't seen as inferior to De Gea, also easier to sign, according to Sport Witness.

I was going to suggest Leno in the 'De Gea replacement' thread. Another that I was going to suggest was Ron-Robert Zieler. Some really good young German keepers about.
Apparently, Daniel Taylor has said on MUTV that Real are working on bringing De Gea to Madrid.
Man Utd news: Louis van Gaal admits David de Gea may go to Real Madrid - Telegraph

The 24-year-old is understood to have been offered in the region of £200,000 a week to stay at United, but Van Gaal admits that clubs are now at the whim of players and that all of the power is with De Gea.

“It takes a long time now,” Van Gaal said, when asked about efforts to secure De Gea to a new contract. “It can always happen, but I am not the boss.

“The player is the boss and he can say yes or no.

“I want him to stay, but you will have to ask David de Gea, not me. He has to sign, but we have offered him a lot of money.”
That's disappointing. Judging by his reactions lately it did not look like he wanted to go anywhere
If he does go, and it is a big possibility, then we need to sign Hugo Loris of Spurs I think
That's disappointing. Judging by his reactions lately it did not look like he wanted to go anywhere

I think he'd like to stay for footballing reasons but personal reasons are maybe pushing him towards a move back home.
BBC Sport - David De Gea: Manchester United already have replacement in mind

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal says the club already have replacements in mind should goalkeeper David De Gea decide to leave Old Trafford.

The Spain international is out of contract next summer but has yet to sign a new deal offered by the club.

Van Gaal said he does not know if the 24-year-old will stay, but said plans were in place should he leave.

"We have a list of goalkeepers who can replace him because we have to be organised always," the Dutchman said.

Reports in Spain suggest De Gea plans to join Real Madrid.

Contract negotiations with De Gea, who joined the Old Trafford club in 2011, were opened earlier this season, and Van Gaal recently confirmed the club had offered the player "a lot of money" to stay.

"We want him to stay and I hope he shall sign," Van Gaal said.

However, he stressed only De Gea could decide on his future: "You have three parties [involved] and the most important party is always the player.

"It's dependable not of Manchester United, not of me, because we want him to sign. He has to sign, he has to want to stay here at Manchester United. I don't know [why he hasn't decided]."

Van Gaal has spent more than £150million on seven new players this season, and United's executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has said the club will be "active" again this summer.

That has prompted speculation the club could move for Tottenham striker Harry Kane or Wales' Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale.

When asked about the pair, Van Gaal said: "I have seen that I buy everyone in the world but it's not like that."
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