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FC Barcelona - 25/7/2015

He had a good game at CB to be fair
Yeah, he played well and was arguably our best player. He did well against Suarez.

I think he will struggle to play at centre back in back in the Premier League.
Good option there in the CL or against the less physical PL teams. I'd be surprised if Smalling and Jones don't start the first game.
Aston Villa - 14/8/2015

He was very good. He's proving me wrong so far.
Yep. He was good. Not too much of last ditch stuff or anything flashy but he had an assured performance.
Is it me or does he not seem as short anymore, seems to be coping well aerially. Started in Ajax academy as a CB so understands the role well. His excellent reading of the game is helping him massively though.
Agreed - he won a lot in the air, although until Gestede came on Villa looked a very short side! Good to have someone assured on the ball next to Smalling who is a bit erratic.
Newcastle United - 22/8/2015

Another solid performance.

He's barely put a foot wrong so far.
Looks a natural as a left sided CB. Hope his lack of pace doesn't cost us against teams which use fast counters.
He has been excellent so far. Good composure and distribution. Still a bit worried about his pace and strength. It will he interesting to see how he does against the likes if lukaku.
Might have been because of us taking the foot off the pedal. But he was caught out of position a few times. Shaw going walkabout didn't help him too much.
Liverpool - 12th September 2015

Superb performance, fantastic finish which brought the game to life.
Fantastic goal, and possibly his best game for United.

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You wonder how he does it. Neither strong or fast enough to be a centre half yet rarely seems to get caught out. Very intelligent footballer.
Tell you what though, i've been impressed by him strength wise at times. Has held his own when in duels. Think his intelligence might help him here though in knowing when and when not to get involved with the physical stuff. Positioning seems to be cancelling out pace issues mostly.

Only Monk so far has worked our CB partnership out, play 2 strikers directly against them. It's easy for Smalling to just concentrate on the striker while Blind defends the space. When I saw the Liverpool team sheet yesterday, expected Ings and Benteke to play as a front 2 with Firmino behind, 3 players playing in their best positions. I think they could have done more against us if they'd done this, Benteke better with a partner and Ings caused our defence loads of problems last season at OT in a front 2.
Southampton - 20th September 2015

Pelle had his number today. Not sure why Southampton switched tactics after 30 minutes.
Manchester United 3-0 Sunderland - 26th September 2015

His balls from the back are a big bonus
Games like yesterday is where I thought we'd see the biggest difference with him at CB. When we're home to these teams, our CB's are basically playing in midfield.
Arsenal 3-0 Manchester United - 4th October 2015

He was exposed today.

I'd like to see him at left back v Everton.

He's good option at centre back when we are likely to dominate possession.
Manchester United 0-0 Middlesbrough (1-3 pens) - 28th October 2015

Calamity own goal not helped by whatever Fellaini was doing.
Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United - 28th November 2015

His delivery from corners is very good.
Unbelievable that it's taken a season and a half to find that out.
Derby County 1-3 Manchester United - 29th January 2016

Top finish.

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Manchester United 1-0 Watford - 2nd March 2016

Bit of a mare.
I guess in a way that is to be expected? He's not a natural centre back and was playing with yet another new partner...

That added with the fact that Rojo doesn't fully convince me and Varela is still young and I'm not surprised he wasn't great. But at the same time as one of our experienced players you'd want him to take the lead and guide the youngsters.
He had a shocker but he has been our most consistent player. Can't help playing alongside somebody different every week.
West Bromwich Albion 1-0 Manchester United - 6th March 2016

Poor for the goal.

A wee rest would be beneficial.
Not sure why he was playing when Van Gaal had already said he was in need of a rest.
Considering lvg spends half his life telling us players are in the red zone blind never seems to be in it.
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