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Apr 26, 2010

Saturday, 21 May 2016
FA Cup Final
17:30 BST
Hopefully I'll be awake to watch the game... I only say that because I'm travelling back from the States on Friday evening and we don't land until Saturday morning. I hope I'll be OK but I just know I'll be so tired having not slept for a good 24+ hours.

Anyway huge huge game and it's great to finally be back in the FA Cup. It's been too long since we last made the final. And it's great that we've got a chance to win a trophy.
Last final was 2007 I think, which was a truly awful game (yes we had them under Fergie too!). Last win was 2004, far too long.

Expect same side that played Bournemouth. Maybe a couple of changes on the bench.
Looking forward to the game. Hopefully it will be a good day.

What's everyone's plans for tomorrow?
Pub I think. A pub has re-opened in my area by a man who ran the pub I watched our last FA Cup final win in. He's a big United fan, decked the place out in memorabilia apparently, so might try that. Broke my middle finger in work on Wednesday so hoping the week ends on a high.
I will be watching in a pub in Ireland. We never win when I am in Ireland but there's a first for everything!
I'll be watching at home I expect. Back from honeymoon early tomorrow morning and me and the wife are on puppy sitting duty. So I expect the Mrs will sleep and I'll watch the game. Might even be lucky and have a cider in the fridge to watch it with.
Memphis it seems dropped from the squad. Poor season but hope he's given another season to prove himself.

Memphis has been in every single one of Van Gaal's matchday squads this season until tomorrow.

Borthwick-Jackson looks like he's been dropped for Rojo too!!
I can't believe they've left out CBJ for Rojo! And they've put Fellaini back in again. It's a joke and I can't stomach the thought of that idiot being in charge anymore.
Well then LVG what are you going to do?! You've kept old bog brush on so you need to do something drastic.
Not sure I get the Mata substitution with the possibility of penalties? He's one of the more composed guys who you'd fancy would step up and take a penalty. I know the thought is on winning the game now but I'd get Fellaini off no doubt.
You know what? I'm going to take a risk here but I'm not sure that hurts us! He's been absolutely freaking awful today. Get Darmian in the centre and that stops him getting forwards as its pointless him doing so anyway.

Ooh wait what a shock... Carrick goes back leaving Rooney as the only midfielder? The guy who's losing his cool and who's temper is rising. Brilliant LVG! Ooh and yeah let's keep no touch Young up front. Genius. Tosser.
I would have gone Darmian. Palace haven't been adventurous all game so keep the men in midfield? Keep control of the game? Instead this invites them on to us.
I think we'll see it out comfortably! This is set up for us the way we play. Kill the clock, keep the ball. Palace won't get another great chance.
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