Cricket World Cup 2023


Apr 11, 2016
A little bit of a mixed bag to start with for England. A thrashing by New Zealand but then we dishes out a thrashing of our own yesterday against Bangladesh.

I think this WC could be anyone’s to be honest, I don’t think there is a real stand out team. India and England will be favourites but SA, NZ and Pakistan are also looking pretty good.
England lost to Afghanistan at the weekend which puts our defence in a bit of strife!

I do wonder if this a tournament too far for this group of players. The majority of the squad is over 30 and perhaps needs freshening up after this tournament.
I know England were on the wrong end of one of the shocks but the tournament needed these couple of games. It has been extremely dull so far with one sided matches all the way through.
The game against SA at the weekend is pretty crucial now for England. Lose that and it’s a tough job to get in the top four.
Such a meek showing from England in this WC. It is definitely the end of a fair few of the players ODI careers you would imagine. The likes of Bairstow, Malan, Moeen, Rashid, Woakes to name a few may decide to call it a day.
Bairstow maybe rushed himself back from injury too quickly he doesn’t look the player he was pre injury.
Yeah potentially but before his purple patch against NZ and India in Test’s his form was a little patchy as well.

I just think he’s lost that little bit of edge and it’s probably time to blood some new guys at the top. Salt and Jacks are probably the heirs and wouldn’t not be averse to getting them in to build for the next WC.
Been a real stinker of a WC. It’s basically been bat first, run up a huge total and win the game.

Hardly any close games. There has been a few upsets but other than that been dreadfully dull.

England stinking up the place hasn’t helped either!

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