Christian Eriksen | Match Discussion Thread 2023/24


Apr 11, 2016
I suspect he’ll be more of a sub option in the majority of games this season but he’s a great option to have off the bench.
I thought he did well last season, exactly what we needed. And I really like him, but I think he'll be phased out, and rightly so.
I agree, in games where we need to unlock defences. I like how he always passes forward
The less I see of Eriksen the better. He can't play more than 60 min and gets exposed defensively. Hopefully we're playing well enough to relegate him to a sub/cup matches role.
The less I see of Eriksen the better. He can't play more than 60 min and gets exposed defensively. Hopefully we're playing well enough to relegate him to a sub/cup matches role.

In full agreement. The signing of Mount should see Eriksen moved to an impact sub role.
He never really got back to his best after the injury.

I tend to agree more sub than starter this season
Think we saw the pros and cons in the first half.

Gets a bit of time and space and plays a perfect pass for Rashford for the goal then a minute later he loses his man for the equaliser.
Almost got us off to the perfect start with a nice cross that Pellistri should have tapped in.

As the game went on he got more and more exposed defensively.

You can’t have him and Bruno in the side but injuries are what they are.
Fine margins, second here second there, had Bayern by the scrotum after getting back to 2-1 but he dilly dallied, then gets punished by a bent VAR decision ....
He's a statue in the build up to the first goal as well Sane goes past him like he's not even there before playing the one two with Kane which results in the goal.

He just isn't at this level and we all thought this season he'd likely be used as a sub to come on in games rather than a starter because physically he can't compete.

We are asking him to do things he's never going to be able to do.
So frustrating how he dwelled on the ball a few times and just gifted possession back to Bayern. He may have lost his legs a little but he could still recycle possession a lot quicker.

Definitely shouldn’t be a starter anymore but needs must at the moment. I think he will be a lot more effective when he can come off the bench and influence things in short cameos, as obviously the quality is still there.
His introduction changed the game, not for the first time this season. He brought control. Such a shame that he struggles to do 90 minutes.
Yeah we really need an Eriksen of many years ago if we are going to move forward as a midfield. We cannot seem to control a game without him being in there.
I think it’s a problem through the whole team.

Everyone apart from that front 3 is starting to look a bit slow and old.

Yesterday was perfect for Eriksen and it’s exactly how to use him let the frantic first half go by then introduce him to try and control the game.
Yep I think we need to start him to be honest. Even if he lasts just an hour it’s going to add much more to our midfield.
We do look a better side going forward when he's on the pitch but the flip side is we are a lot more exposed defensively with him on as you're basically playing two number 10's with one guy holding.

The balance in the midfield still isn't right and it hasn't been right for about 10 years.
My guess is he left McT on as he's not going to play him at the weekend.

Amrabat has been throw in the deep end a bit and is maybe struggling for match fitness he missed the international games so maybe isn't running at 100%
He struggled and the game passed him by in the deeper position. Passing was poor. He was the second worst player after Antony.
His passing was terrible today and he’s supposed one of our few midfielders who bring a bit of calm to proceedings.
Worst game for a while his passing was poor.

Think he’s better as a sub coming on when teams are a bit more tired.
Opportunity for Mount or will Amrabat be the one who steps in?
Knee injury haven’t seen anything about him returning to training.

Best I can find suggests he might be back for the Boxing Day game.