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He was fantastic. He needed to be a rock in a hugely changed defence and he was. Saved our skins with that block off the line.
If that block wasn't made there's no way we were winning that game.
Manchester United 2-0 West Bromwich Albion - November 7th 2015

Van Gaal's biggest achievement to date. Getting better and better.
Looks a proper replacement for vidic. Commanding in air as well as at organizing the back line. Not that the back line had to do a lot in this match.
Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United - 28th November 2015

Another top performance.
Wolfsburg 3-2 Manchester United - 8th December 2015

Bad night to give his worst performance of the season, topped off with an injury.
Newcastle United 3-3 Manchester United - 12th January 2015

Worst game of the season. Very poor.
Had a poor game. Thought he was unlucky with the penalty. Both of them were at it. Mitrovic more so than Smalling. Deflection too was very unlucky.
Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United - 17th January 2016

Great to see Smalling bounce back against Liverpool with a very assured performance.

He could have suffered a drop in form and confidence after the Newcastle game but instead he came out fighting.

Showed good composure and I thought brought the defense together despite at times Liverpool having so much territory. DDG had a couple of quality saves to make but overall I thought Smalling did what was required.
Sunderland 2-1 Manchester United - 13th February 2016

Poor for Sunderland's winner.
Think he's starting to struggle a bit now and I guess that's kind of to be expected?

It's been a long season where he's played most weeks and he's carried that defense.

It can't help that his defensive partner has been fairly unsettled with changes and the number of different full back combinations we've tried has been unsettling. But he doesn't look as sure of himself right now. He's not dominating in the way he was and maybe he just needs a couple of games to rest? I know it's not what the team needs but with every week the season becomes more of a write up. At some point we've got to protect the confidence of our key players ready for next season.
Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Manchester United - 22nd February 2016

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Love that goal... Liked the surprise on pretty much everyone's face!

You could tell he wasn't comfortable that high up the pitch. He waited an age to go and strike the ball. But fair play he managed to get enough on the ball to get it towards that back post.

Maybe that'll give him more confidence in front of goal. To be fair I've seen him score a couple of goals where he's really looked at ease in taking his chance.
West Bromwich Albion 1-0 Manchester United - 6th March 2016

Pleased he's available again. He was a rock in the first half.
Yeah he's been by far our best defender if not player all season. He's handled most strikers brilliantly but he can't do it all on own and we knew that from the beginning of the season. Funny how a lot of managers can't see to see the obvious.
Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool - 17th March 2016

Quality on the ball was poor.

He looked shattered.
He's played pretty much every game bar a couple when he was injured. It's not all that surprising that he looks a bit off pace. And let's be fair he's working twice as hard to cover for others failings.
Manchester City 0-1 Manchester United - 20th March 2016

He was good, especially in the last 20-30 minutes.
Was a bit lucky to be on the pitch I thought after that early yellow. Was really good for the time he was on though.
Best he's been for a while. Don't think he was lucky, challenge in 2nd half wasn't a yellow, handled himself well after early yellow, showed he's improved mentally from last season's fixture. England's best CB.
See I thought he was lucky to stay on the field today. But after the penalty decision in the first half maybe the ref was trying to even the score? Other than that I thought he played really well and handled himself well. Certainly one of his better performances for a few weeks.
Manchester United 2-0 Crystal Palace - 20th April 2016

Adebayor will not fancy facing Smalling again.
Had him in his pocket all night long. He has come on leaps and bounds in the last year.
Think I could have taken Adebayor on last night mind. Lazy player and looking unfit, as long as he's got his 100k weekly wage he don't care.

First time i'd seen Smalling live on Saturday I think, was interesting to watch, didn't realise how often he just holds attackers off when the ball is in the air and allows the ball to go behind him. Doesn't bother actually challenging for the ball in the air most of the time.
He's by far the most improved player at the club and maybe even in the league! He has been an absolute beast this season and he is going to be the key to our defence over the next few years. To think that a couple of years ago people doubted whether he had the quality and now he's been one of our best and most consistent players for a good 12-18 months.
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