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Thought he was excellent today. Couple of great last ditch tackles. Really starting to see a difference in him. Needs to cut out the mistakes and needs to be able to pass the ball 10yards this season.
He was very very good today. Only worried about his injury record. He needs to stay fit seeing as our permacrock has picked up an injury right at the start of the season.
Only caught last 15 but he looked a real rock at the back. Hopefully get a signing in to partner him or get Rojo back in as those 2 played really well together when they did last season.
Our defense looks solid with him commanding it. Has improved by leaps and bounds tbh. But his long balls need to improve.
Very good again. Turning into a name I see in the lineup and feel confident we'll keep a clean sheet.
Club Brugge - 18/8/2015

Dominant performance. He bullied Brugge's forwards.
Was very good tonight. His position and marking was top class tonight.
Another commanding performance. Played with confidence and assurance
Newcastle United - 22/8/2015

He's absolutely throwing attackers around.
Needs to remain injury free this season. He is improving each game. Hope he can continue to improve
Switzerland - 8th September 2015

Named man of the match for his performance against Switzerland.
Liverpool - 12th September 2015

His clearance by the line was vital at that point, top performance again.
I enjoyed watching his battle with Benteke. I thought Benteke slightly edged the battle, but Smalling still did well.
It was a big game gir smalling. We have seen him bullied in the past by benteke, not today.
PSV - 15th September 2015

Forget Mike Smalling more like Lionel Smalling
I would have celebrated like a mad man for the second consecutive game if he had scored.

He was good again.
Manchester United 3-0 Sunderland - 26th September 2015

Best CB in the league so far?
Manchester United 2-1 Wolfsburg - 30th September 2015

Best CB in the Prem right now? Fantastic again tonight.
I don't know whether I'm being harsh (probably due to my expectations), but I thought tonight was one of his less assured performances of the season, especially prior to his goal.

I do like the way he defends the penalty area. He takes charge.
Everton 3-0 Manchester United - 17th October 2015

The pundits will catch on soon as to how good he is.
The most impressive thing about him in recent times is his transformation in to a leader on the pitch. It's been said that Van Gaal looks to bring that out in players. Couple of years ago i'd never have said he was a potential captain in the future, but he is now.
Manchester United 1-0 CSKA Moscow - 3rd November 2015

He was immense.

Was certain that would be a goal before the De Gea save, was even more certain it would be a goal when Young slipped. Fantastic from De Gea and Smalling, match winning contributions.
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