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May 8, 2011

Wednesday, 18th October 2017
Champions League, Group A

Estadio da Luz
19:45 BST
They've looked poor so far so hopefully Utd can pick up another away win.

Reckon Lindelof will start against his old team?
I don’t think Lindelof will start to be honest, I think he’ll be on the bench again, although Bailly is out again so there is a chance.

Looking through the travelling squad, Rojo and Shaw are back in the picture. Fellaini, Pogba and Carrick still out so got to be Matic and Herrera again in the middle unless Jose places some trust in McTominay or Tuanzebe which is unlikely.
Assume it'll be Herrera & Matic again with Mata/Mhiki/Rashford behind Lukaku, wouldn't rule out Lingard getting a start maybe instead of Mhiki who I hear struggled on Saturday but that's just the way he is will always be a bit hot and cold.
Benfica have got to go for it the way the first 2 games have gone for them. That might play into our hands on the counter. I agree with the comments above might be a game for Lingard to do something quick on the break.

We can potentially almost have a foot in the knockout stages here so a win would be massive.
Yeah I agree I think Lingard will probably get a start here. As well as Mata on the right and Rashford on the left. Obviously with Lukaku up top.

Shaw for a start at left back? He’s been working his way back to fitness, maybe the time to get him back in. The more likely option is Blind but wouldn’t be averse to Shaw coming in.
Would be bold wouldn't it to throw Shaw in here? I mean 9 points out of 9 and the other taking points off each other would be ideal come late Wednesday night. Not saying Shaw isn't good enough for Benfica, just a risk when their best players are wide players and full backs. We've got Huddersfield and Swansea on the horizon which would maybe be a better time to see what his like.
Yeah would be a touch bold and guess Jose isn’t renowned for his boldness. Totally forgot about the league cup coming up, that’d be a more credible game to put Shaw back in. Along with Rojo you would suggest.

Anyone watch the Portuguese league? Benfica used to be a tough nut to crack but from what I’ve heard they are a little weak these days. They’ve obviously lost a lot of talent the last few years in the guise of Sanches, Guedes, Andre Gomes and Bernardo Silva. So wouldn’t expect them to be a little weaker.
I was surprised by their results early on but they've lost key defensive players this summer with Ederson, Lindelof & Semiedo all leaving so that seems to be where the problem lies for them right now, maybe a case that you can only afford to keep losing players for so long before your luck eventually runs out as they've dominated in Portugal for a few seasons now.

He may go for a back 3 and play Lindelof, Smalling & Jones but not sure how he'd then be able to use the wing backs I guess Valencia would start on the right then maybe Blind or Young on the left? Shaw played on Sunday for the U23s so would be a surprise to see him start but he's travelled with the squad so who knows.
I think Martial should be rewarded with another start after the defensive shift he put in against Liverpool.
Guess it depends on the fitness of Rashford apparently he was struggling a bit after internationals so was only really fit enough for the bench at Anfield.

Would be good to see Martial start up top alongside Lukaku if he does go for the back 3.
Team: De Gea, Valencia, Lindelof, Smalling, Blind, Matic, Herrera, Mata, Mkhitaryan, Rashford, Lukaku.
We got too used to playing on Thursdays can't get going on Wednesday nights.
Bit better in the final 15 minutes of the half, but crickey, quality has been low.
Have the lads got a bet on for how many times they can get caught offside? Slow passes and poor timing of runs everywhere, so frustrating!
Utd not playing well Herrera, Mhiki, Mata all to slow with their passing, Rashford has struggled to create anything against their pacey full back and Lukaku has hardly had a touch no supply what so ever.

I'd hook Mhiki and get Martial on and get Mata central need to go for these guys down the wings we'll never break through the middle.

Missing Pogba a lot tonight with Matic he gives us so much control in midfield.
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