Champions League 2023/24: Copenhagen vs Man United - Weds 8th Nov - 20:00 KO


Apr 11, 2016
Another must win game in the CL.

Hopefully the win at the weekend will pump some confidence into our veins and finally produce a good performance!


AWB - Varane - Maguire - Dalot

Amrabat - McTominay

Rashford - Bruno - Garnacho


Suspect we will want a bit of solidity in the midfield so Amrabat and McT likely to start.

Also anyone but Antony on the right, even if that means putting Mount or Pellistri out there. Would get Rashford out there if fit though and keep Garnacho in the team.

3-0 United!
Going to be a really tough game they've got a great record at home and we are not good away from home against decent opposition.

To be honest in the home game we only just snuck past them, they were well worth a point in that game even with the penalty miss.

In terms of changes from the weekend think he'll want to keep the same back 4 if everyone is fit enough to start. Varane seems to be on the naughty step at the moment but he may have to come in if Evans isn't up to two games in 4 days.

In midfield I think it will be Amrabat in for Eriksen at some point Amrabat is going to need to show us his quality in midfield. So far his best game was at left back in midfield he's looked very average.

Up top Anthony needs to drop out I'd stick Mount in from the start hopefully give us another player who can look after the ball which is vital away from home, Rashford if fit should start on the bench, I don't think Garnacho was great on Saturday but he did enough to keep the starting spot.

I can see it being a 1-1 draw which wouldn't be a terrible result normally but after the Galatasary defeat it makes qualification difficult as we'd need to go to Galatasary and win by 2 goals to get the head to head against them back in our favour.
I’d like to see Amrabat and Mount start in midfield. McTominay will start probably ahead of Mount as he is a goal threat in a team lacking goals.
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I hope McTominay is playing the deeper than Eriksen otherwise there will be big gaps in midfield.
Be interesting to see who plays on the right personally I hope it’s Rashford.
Be interesting to see who plays on the right personally I hope it’s Rashford.
Yeah I think Garnacho may get a little lost out there so hope it’s Rashford.

Worried about the midfield of McT and Eriksen because Copenhagen showed in the first game that they have some good players who can play through you.
Pretty worrying that 2 of big flagship signings can’t get a start in a struggling side for what is probably the biggest game of the season so far.

Think when you are putting kids in the team you have to put them in their strongest position.

This will be a big test of the character as that stadium is going to be bouncing for this, Utd have to stand up to the test.

Great start McT volleys it straight into Maguire’s arm under no pressure… going to be a long night
1-0 Hojlund

4 in 4 in Europe this season.

Great run and pass by McTominay
Evans going off is a blow. His ability and composure on the ball is important to how Ten Hag would like to play. Varane is relatively poor on the ball.
Yeah another change to the back 4 due to injury.

This must have been the first game this season where we’ve started the same back 4 two games in a row.
Two, for the boy, none of this not celebrating against your old team nonsense
2-0 Hojlund again

His 5th of the season
No complaints really. It wasn’t intentional or malice but it was a dangerous act.

Hope we don’t throw this away now because it’s been our best half of football this season.
That’s a shocking decision.

Totally accidental he never even looks at where the players foot is he’s just stepping across to protect the ball.

Slow it down and freeze frame it and of course it looks 100 times worse.
Bloody hell 2-1. A disaster of a few minutes.

Got to get to half time and just regroup.
Think it’s just 1 game unless they deem it to be violent conduct.
Now a penalty.

The handball rule is an absolute joke, that should never be a penalty
The red card was accidental and the slo-mo was always going to make it worse than what it was. The VAR replays really need to be shown in real time for the referee when he goes to the screen. The slo-mos make everything 100 times worse.

Just hate VAR with a passion to be honest.
Yep 4 pens and 2 red cards in 4 games.

Rashford is unlucky but with VAR the red was inevitable especially in Europe.

Ten Hag I think had to make a sub straight away get Amrabat on for either Bruno, Eriksen or Garnacho and shut things down. He waited to half time and the 2 goal lead is now gone.

The penalty is unlucky but by this new silly rule which they ruthlessly enforce in Europe it’s a penalty. No one who’s ever played football should want that to be a penalty.

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