Champions League 2021/22


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Feb 15, 2012
Group stage is almost complete after 5 games the following teams have qualified for the next round

Group A
City (winners)
PSG (runners up)

Group B
Liverpool (winners)
TBC (runners up)
All 3 of the remaining teams could qualify Porto/Milan/Atletico

Group C
Ajax (winners)
Sporting (runners up)

Group D
Real Madrid
Group winner still to be decided

Group E
Bayern Munich (winners)
TBC (runner up)

Barca/Benfica will be the second team

Group F
Man Utd (winners)
TBC (runner up)

Villareal/Atalanta will be the second team.

Group G
Still all to play for between Lille, RB Salzburg, Sevilla and Wolfsburg

Group H

Group winner is TBC both sides tied on 12 points if Chelsea win their last game they win the group.

Could lose some big names in the group stage this year Dortmund are already out and Barcelona and Atletico still have a big task on their hands to get through on the final match day.

Have to say based on the group stages Bayern, City, Liverpool and Chelsea look like the 4 best sides in the competition but a lot can change between now and the group stages but you'd expect these boys to be the 4 team to beat.


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Mar 23, 2017
Cloud cuckoo land
Ajax have a 100% record in a group that contains Dortmund and Sporting Lisbon. They're capable of beating the top boys.

However, we're still in it, so there's only going to be one winner.....


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Feb 15, 2012
Think Dortmund have been without Haaland for the last 3 group games but yeah Ajax along with Bayern and Liverpool boast perfect records so far.

Think the overall quality in CL has gone up quite a bit in recent years probably because it's almost always the same old faces going through.

Sporting in the next round would be good fun a return to Portugal for Ronaldo and Bruno I'm sure the Utd travelling fans would be very happy with a trip to Lisbon.

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