Casey Stoney to stand down

Reports are she’s not happy with the training facilities at the club that the women have to use and the improvements promised to her when she started have not been delivered.

No shower facilities at the training ground for example.
Apparently they were not able to shower between training sessions and going for meals/meetings at the training ground. This may have been down to Covid as they had to restrict space. Nearest toilets to the training pitch were a 10 minute walk according to another report.

Just sounds like they got the rough end of the stick when it came to facilities and the main training ground hasn't been sorted out quickly enough to accomodate the womens team.
I read a Guardian report yesterday, recently they have had to use Carrington, and work around the mens team, The Cliff was meant to be upgraded for them but hasn't.
I thought it was Carrington that was being upgraded so they'd eventually move their but basically nothings really happened since she started so basically sounds like the usual lack of delivery on promises from our board/owners.

They're putting good support to getting the top players in but the facilities need to be up to scratch as well.

Their training facilities should be of a similar standard to the mens team
Maybe she could get the Spurs job! Be great for football to have a gay manager, and a female one at that.
If any female is going to get a job in the mens game it will be the lady from Chelsea but it's hard to see that crossover happening just yet.

Top football manager jobs tend to come to you from two routes either an ex player route or working your way up the leagues.

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