Blogs: 5 Things We Learned 2016-17

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1) The fighting spirit is definitely back

2) Improved body language (We don't pack it up & fold after conceding any more)

3) Still working out the right / most efficient midfield combos

4) Not finishing continues to cost us points

5) Big Game Players must be present for big games


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Feb 15, 2012
I know it's fun to bash Moyes but Sunderland should've gone last season and the one before that and the one before that. They lost key players from last season M'Villa loan ended and Johnson went to prison the owner also decided he would stop bankrolling them.

Moyes was forced to buy scraps from the bargain basement most of them Everton cast offs the only one who came for decent money was N'Dong who to be fair looks an ok player. They are just an awful side I don't think any manager could do much with them. Defoe hasn't scored in 10 hours but no one else has scored in the same period I think Sunderland is a club that was rotten to the core long before Moyes turned up far to many has been earning way to much money. I'm amazed fans aren't up in arms at the people running that club so much money has been wasted there think they had one of the biggest wage bills outside the big 6 last season.

Anyway that's enough of the defence his attitude from day one has been to lower expectations so low that relegation was acceptable he did the same at Utd and it gave players far to many excuses.
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