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May 6, 2010
Thread to discuss odds, bets you have coming up etc. Other sports can be discussed also.
50 euro down day one....

Have a Sizing Europe, Grands Crus double on tomorrow. Both class horses but haven't great odds unfortunately.
God I'm having a mare... Started the day well with an each way bet on Teaforthree, wasn't going to back him but he's my only winner so far. Only got 25 back which is well gone at this stage - my double went belly up. The ground didn't suit Grands Crus unfortunately. Sizing Europe would have won had it not been for the cock up by the officials. Had Balgarry in the Coral Cup aswell, was leading until the hill but didn't have the stamina to last.

It's understandable if you don't want to take tips from me after the first two days, but Rubi Light has a great chance tomorrow and should have decent odds.
Made a similar thread ages ago asking which betting site i should use, no one answered me you bloody wankers lol. May start soon though, not a lot of money just a fiver here or there.
Ha didn't see that post Se7en, easyodds is a good website as it gives you odds from all the bookmakers.

I usually just throw a fiver here and there aswell - I mostly do football accumulators. I've won a lot on it in the past but I mainly do it when there are internationals as they are much easier to predict. Tennis is actually a good market for betting also. Bookies give crazy odds on outsiders so it's easy to pick money up on each way betting in ATP events.
Put a few bets on this week with Cheltenham, always got money on a football accumulator. Got money on What A Friend and Diamond Harry for the Gold Cup, both each way. I'm not a big better so only put a few quid on, no point going for the favourites. One of the races on the first day only had 6 horses running so I put money on the outsider each way, didn't come in but worth a dabble.
Have a 20 team accumulator on this weekend. Won with 13 teams before but they were all hot favourites. IF I won off this accumulator I'd get over 5 grand back. Very long shot but sure anyway.
Have the usual 7 fold accumulator on aswell. Ulster already won and Leicester are cruising. Have Ospreys, Celtic, Ajax, Barca and Madrid also. Should all win. Won't get much back on that bet but it all builds up.
Only 2 of the 20 didn't win. Saracens lost against Quinns and AC drew away to Catania. United still have to play but I'd be surprised if we didn't win so it's fairly sickening.

The teams from the other bet all won though so I should get around 20 back on that one.
France 12-1 to win the Euro's. Very good value, have a great record under Blanc. I've seen a few friendlies and they've looked good. Playing without fear. Benzema 20-1 to finish top goal scorer.
My mates got a tenner on a France to win it/Benzema to finish top scorer double at 100/1 I think.
My mates got a tenner on a France to win it/Benzema to finish top scorer double at 100/1 I think.

Cracking bet. A Torres-Spain double could be a decent bet.

Checking the Sky Bet's odds for our game on Sunday:

6-0 United - 40/1
7-0 United - 80/1
8-0 United - 200/1

Worth a punt?
After Mondays performance probably not ha. I think we will try and rack up a cricket score, if Rooney and Valencia are firing on all cylinders then anythings possible. Would probably back them to get 1 though if we really go for it.
Yeah, you can see Swansea grabbing a goal.

6-1 United - 50/1
7-1 United - 100/1
8-1 United - 200/1
Ourselves and Chelsea are both 9/4 with sky bet to sign Modric. Madrid 5/1... I know bookies are reading the same as us but anyway. Michael Owen is 5/1 on to join Stoke. Plenty of strikers there already though. Just a couple of other bets I've noticed the price of.. Howard Webb is 12/1 to ref the final at the Euro's. Also worth looking at is the player of the tournament odds which are sky high. Iniesta is 16/1, Robben 25/1...
Have a fiver on France and Benzema. Both their odds have dropped in recent weeks however, should have done it earlier.
Just checking there, United to win the league and Rooney to finish top scorer is currently priced at 14/1. Pretty good price. Will be interesting to see what a United/Van Persie double will be valued at.
I fancy having the odd cheeky bet on United this season. What betting apps do you recommend?
Not sure to be honest. Don't have a smartphone myself but Easyodds may have an app. Their website is very good as it compares the odds from all the main bookmakers.
Anybody got an accumulator on for this weekend? I have: United, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal, Wolves, Reading and Wigan to win £2 gets £107.41 back. I think it's a good shout.
I'd say Liverpool, Everton, Wigan and Wolves are bankers. The others are 50-50. Good luck though!
So much for my Wolves and Wigan being bankers.

Any bets planned for this weekend, Ross? Or anyone else?
Think I might retire from betting. Haven't won anything in months. Mugs game. haha
6 beans on Belgium, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Holland, Norway, Slovakia, England, France, Spain and Argentina all to win tomorrow night. All hot favourites but I'd get around 50-60 back if they all come in.
Just placed my first accumulator: Leicester to win at Brighton, draw between West Brom & Arsenal, Villa to beat Stoke, Hartlepool to beat Bury (didn't realise I placed a bet on this game, but luckily they are both in relegation zone), Middlesbrough to beat Hull and Wolves to beat Bolton.

Bit of fun and will make watching latest scores more interesting. I've only placed a 15p bet and if lucky will win £200 in return.

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