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May 8, 2011
Bastian Schweinsteiger match discussion thread for the 2015/16 season.
Club America - 18/7/2015

Didn't do anything that stood out from memory but think it said a lot that Van Gaal played him in the side with the more attacking CM partner and the youngsters in the front 4. Van Gaal trusts him to protect the defence and as a leader.
Tottenham Hotspur - 8/8/2015

Looked class when he came on. Telling other players where to pass. Proper leader.
Club Brugge - 18/8/2015

Starting to look a better option than Carrick. Fitness improving. Might be time for a start at the weekend.
A Schneiderlin-Schweinsteiger-Herrera midfield would be fantastic I feel. Carrick going through his usual slow start it seems.
Swansea City - 30/8/2015

Poor today. He was off the pace, quality was offish and was weak in the challenge.

Hopefully the 90 minutes will help his fitness.
Hope so cos he doesn't look fit to me. Trying to replace Carrick but I always think we look a better team when he plays.
Liverpool - 12th September 2015

His best performance for me, absolute class.
He was excellent, especially in the second half. He bossed midfield.
Midfield general. Excels in the big games just like Keano did. More to come too I think.
Quality performance. The type of game suited him when it became a battle in the middle and Liverpool went for it more. Hopefully more to come from our 6 million man!
Arsenal 3-0 Manchester United - 4th October 2015

Not sure why he was pressing so high? Tactical decision? Whatever the reason the defence was left exposed.
Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City - 26th October 2015

Thought he was excellent yesterday. All over the pitch.
Manchester United 1-0 CSKA Moscow - 3rd November 2015

One of his better performances of the season.
Manchester United 0-0 PSV - 25th November 2015

His workload needs to be managed.
Yeah he looked very tired, don't think he trained in the lead up to the game but we hadn't any real alternative available. The game was over for us when he went off, Schneiderlin isn't the type of midfielder to fill in to his role and Fellaini just isn't a midfielder.
Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United - 28th November 2015

I would like to see him try the occasional riskier pass instead of easy and safe passes. His ability in the air was more of threat to Leicester than his incisive passing. Having said that, he was our second best player.

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Wolfsburg 3-2 Manchester United - 8th December 2015

His lack of mobility was exposed in the role he was asked to play. His positional awareness and passing was disappointing.
Poor performance when we needed him the most. Fellaini doesn't help mind.
Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea - 28th December 2015

He played well for the first 30 minutes, but his stamina faded quite badly, which impacted on the team's performance. He started dropping deeper and deeper.
Again he can do a job for us but going forward we need to be thinking about replacements.
It's good news to be getting bodies back but I can't really say we've missed him! He hasn't really lived up to expectations so far due to injury, the way we set up and to be honest his general fitness.

He's still got an important squad role to play with these youngsters as he's so experienced. But other than helping to close out games and keep the ball I'm not sure he can offer much in the future.

By the way... I don't think he's been terrible for us by any means. He's been stready and controlled the midfield well but he's just not dynamic enough anymore. Sadly we signed him a couple of years too late.
Manchester United 1-1 West Ham United - 13th March 2016

Good cameo. Played with intent.

He should start against Liverpool.
Not been at his best this season but still been missed. Good to have him back.
He actually had a really positive influence on the game yesterday when he came on which is maybe the first time this season.

He demanded the ball, he wanted to get it forwards, he made things happen and he really took the game by the scruff of the neck. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come because he's the kind of player this team really needs right now.
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