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Feb 15, 2012
Currently only have 12 senior players registered with La Liga for the first game of the season.

None of the new signings have been registered as they've not made enough savings yet to satisfy La Liga.
Think they're looking to sell Kessie, Ansu Fati & Ferran Torres but not getting much interest.
They want a massive fee for Fati, someone who's been injured a lot in the last two seasons.

Utd are well stocked for players off the left as well which is where he'd likely play as he's not a centre forward.

Saw us linked to Andreas Christensen as well.
How much do they want for him?

He can play all across the front really. If the fee was ok I'd be interested.

His injuries are a worry though
Rumour was they wanted more than 100m euros for him. They don't need to sell cheap they need big fees for these players to get them out of the mess they're in.

He was fit most of last season played 50 games and scored 10 goals.
Yeah he's a big gamble but when you see what Mudryk, Anthony & Hojlund went for is it that crazy a price tag?

If this kid fully recovers from his injury he's a potential superstar but that is the big if.
We have had enough injury prone guys here over the years, I don’t want to add another one into the mix.

Big talent obviously but not what we need right now. If we were to bring in another forward then it has to be another number 9.

Big coup for Brighton though if he can stay fit. Not quite sure how he slots into their side though. From what I remember he likes to play from the left but Mitoma won’t be dropped. So will be interesting to see how they utilise him.
Fati going to Brighton on loan

We should have done this deal.

Would he start on the left ahead of Rashford, Garnacho and Sancho?

We have so many options for his position there is no point in bringing him in no matter how good he is.

If Utd are bringing in an attacker it needs to be a centre forward or a player for the right side.
somethings got be said for not getting sub standard CM and LB's in on loan and just going all out attack. We need goals
But you are suggesting we get in a guy on loan to strengthen the strongest part of our attack, it's pointless.

If we could get Raphina in on loan to help on the right side I'd be all for it because we've got problems or if we can find another striker then get him in but we don't need more players for the left side of our attack.
Looking at our season start, I'm saying we aren't that strong on the left.

Besides the front 3 should be more fluid in my opinion. He has played through the middle, so has Marcus, switch it around.

Anyway, pointless discussing, we're getting a LB and CM on loan that nobody else wants.

Back to my point the other day, what the F is our DoF and scouting team doing, when 80% of the players we get/target are players who have played for the manager.

This club is laughable really. It used to bring me joy, even before the days of Fergie, these days I find myself getting little joy from it. transfer window used to bring hope and excitement, this year it has brought dismay.

I just hope as soon as the window closes the sale is announced.

I get more joy out of watching the womens team these days.
Well the guy who's meant to start on the left has played 1 game in that position and the team scored 3 goals, he created two of them and was heavily involved in the third.

I don't think Fati can play through the middle maybe in some sides that dominate the ball he can play that false 9 role but he can't be a proper centre forward which is what we need.

You mention these guys need to be fluid but I'm not sure about that in the current era teams seem to have a very defined number 9 he doesn't always score all the goals like Firmino at Liverpool but he's a presence in the centre that brings the wide players into the games.

Anyway he's an odd signing for Brighton, will he get in the side ahead of Mitoma? Maybe they'll use him in the European games.
Yes but Rashford was clearly the left sided player I don't recall a passage of the game where Martial went and played wide for 5-10 minutes while Rashford was up the middle.

The games where Rashford does start in the middle then I expect Sancho or Garnacho to come in and start from the left side.

I'm surprised Barca are letting Fati go they don't seem to have loads of attacking options.
Gavi has done his ACL and will probably be ruled out for the rest of the season.

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