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The banning policy is going to change as a result of what happened.
We will explain later once it’s been discussed by the team of moderaters.
I haven't seen Shoot or Rich recently, but we have two new members :cool::p
Shoot is in the dog house and Rich stropping off somewhere. Really good to see new members though.
Members1,933 from the main forum page. Not quite that many posting though ;)
I was just joshing

they both went missing, could the two new members be them back in another guise :D
I’d say there’s about 20 regular posters.
Mr C...
...if l’m one of the two new members, and l’m Shoot or Rich, don’t you think l’ve raised my game???
Sideshow has said he’ll be sorting out it out in due time let him get to it and I’m sure he’ll clear everything up. I’m not sure what’s happened.

Glad to see you aren’t banned though. I did think that when I first saw the thread change!
Probably thinks he's invincible now :oops:
By the way what ever happened with this? It would be nice to have an explanation behind Shoots banning and what the rule changes are.
it would never have crossed my mind to follow this up.
Given the number of members here and the number of mods it is clear there is a distinct lack of Admin and Moderation.
Surely if a member doesnt post for, lets say a 6 month period then their membership should be considered past and their account removed. And should mods decide to stop visiting and not make it known they no longer wish to moderate then their mod status should be removed after 3 months and likewise their account after 6.
Someone questioned this recently. All these redundant members gives a false impression.
What also gets me is - there are LURKERS
Some who log in from time to time and just lurk but dont post. I dont understand that really, you can lurk without logging in.
You joined in January 2019. Your first post wasn’t until Feb 2020
To be honest I was surprised I had been a member here so long and I dont recall the exact circumstances, but.................... if my memory serves me right when I joined here there was some outlandish control measure in place for new members. I think I may have made a couple of posts and gave up, considering it totally boring.
I seem to recall at some stage later I received an email which made me look in and start to contribute, I suspect a rule change had taken place. During this time I certainly wasnt lurking, I had just decided not to bother with a forum that made it so difficult to contribute and wasnt even looking in.
Now that I think of it, is that why this place has so many redundant members?
You could possibly be right. There used to be a new members forum. It was removed to encourage new posters.

I feel the forum is doing a great job of bringing United fans together. Me, JSP, Carrot and O-Dog have been talking probably since back on 606 on the BBC 15 years ago. And it’s great to have a place where fans can talk uninterrupted by idiots.
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