Antony | Match Discussion Thread 2023/24

Apologies for the derail guys, i'm the worlds worst for pointing out when others do, so please forgive me, I know not what I do ....

Its Mr C's fault
He was decent. His introduction brought balance and a bit of pace and energy on the right.

Hopefully Reguilon will return after the international break and bring balance to the left.

Antony and Reguilon should help improve United’s attacking play.
Seems to play better when rival fans boo him, expecting him to play like Maradona at Sheffield United after the restart,
Still can’t really see what this kid does going forward.

Played a lovely ball to the back post for Rashford but really most of his attacking play is very predictable.

His shooting is often very weak shots coming in on the left foot and his crossing is very floaty.

He reminds me a lot of Ashley Young a player who was a good player but in my opinion was never Utd quality
He brings balance but he needs to much more. He is is the best option on the right which is the issue.
He is our only option on the right which is part of the issue not that it makes him complacent but it means we don’t have an option to change it.

He is only just back from his break but really he’s not had a stand out game since February/March time.

To me he’s looking like a squad player and not a starter which for 80m and reported £200k a week is worrying.
For me, he brings nothing to our attacking play, and due to his lack of pace, tends to slow down each attack.
I don’t mind wingers having a lack of pace but they need to be on the A game in all other facets but sadly he lacks in all areas. He has good skill but if you can’t use it effectively then it’s useless. He lacks intelligence and tends to nullify our good positions.

He’s got a mean left foot but most of his shots are so poor.

There is talent there but he is seriously frustrating and at the moment is looking like one very expensive mistake.
Lucky not to get sent off for me. His little kick against Doku and then his reaction was so childish. Then he kept on at Doku like he was the victim.

At no point did I think Antony could come on and change the match and for our ‘star’ right winger that’s pretty telling.
Offers nothing except a sh*t attitude. No pace or tricks and slow on the ball.
I mean I turned off at 88 mins and he wasn't on the pitch. But it's his fault

Hojlund was brilliant though, poor chap
Was stupid and shows that he’s nowhere near mentally ready to be playing football right now.

Lucky not to see red which would be a 3 game ban for violent conduct.

Needs to sort himself out and get his form back otherwise his career is going to spiral.
Always with the over reaction.

He was pretty good for the first 6 months scored some big goals but like many since that cup final it’s all been downhill.

The off field stuff can’t be helping but until the police close the case that’s going to linger over him.
He wasn't, he was prédictible, and has been found out
Never done anything special. Just your average Joe prem footballer, never shown anything else

If you have proof of different, go for it
Last season he scored against Arsenal, City and Barcelona.

He was very good in the cup final as well but since them his performances have stagnated and he’s been poor.

He must have something as despite all these poor games Brazil kept picking him until the off field issues hit the headlines.
I think I’ve always felt he was a moments player. He could produce some magical finishes but I’ve never seen a complete performance from him where I’ve felt wow we’ve got a player here.

He looks an average player who has a bit of skill and a good left foot. I hope he can prove me wrong and move onto the next level but not really seeing any progression in his game.

It may be the off field issues that are effecting him at the moment and if that is the case then he shouldn’t be around the team.
I think there was a point last night when Antony was summed up to a t. He was set free on the right but just didn’t have the pace to run away from the defenders, so he had to turn back and a promising attack was stunted.

If ETH goes I can’t imagine it will be long before Antony follows him.
If ETH goes, Sancho will be back quick as and Antony will be out the door, along with most of his signings.
Anthony isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Similar situation to Sancho he's on huge wages and carries a huge FFP liability so the club are stuck with him.

Whoever takes over is stuck with Anthony.

I'd like to think the club will see the sense with Sancho and even if the manager was to change they'd tell him that Sancho is to remain with the reserves until he leaves the club.
Shouldn’t be starting games going forward needs to earn his spot in the team.

Problem is we are so short of options.
We are short of options for sure but Pellistri showed more application when he came on. For that alone deserved to be ahead of him in the pecking order.
Pellistri was crap when he came on I mean technically he gets an assist but is 2nd touch is a tackle.

I like the effort but that is the minimum you expect from a player he looks well short of the quality needed at this level..
Yeah don’t get me wrong Pellistri wasn’t amazing when he came on but he showed a better attitude for sure.
I think the difference is Anthony at the moment just looks frustrated so when something doesn’t come off it’s arm waving time whereas Pellistri just fights to get it back.

That fight helped create the goal and normally Anthony is like that but right now he isn‘t.

Big decision midweek on who plays on the right.
Pellistri was crap when he came on I mean technically he gets an assist but is 2nd touch is a tackle.

I like the effort but that is the minimum you expect from a player he looks well short of the quality needed at this level..
It speaks volumes that Pellistri, who you thought was poor, still looked better than Antony.
It speaks volumes that Pellistri, who you thought was poor, still looked better than Antony.

It does that was probably as close as you can get to a 1/10 performance by Anthony it was pathetic but I wouldn’t be going much higher than 5/10 for Pellistri.
a few rumours of a swap deal with Barbosa, who apparantly is doing well, but has struggled in Europe before.
Given his legal issues back home will Antony really want to go back to Brazil unless charges are dropped?

I really don't see how this helps him with us going forward either bring in another centre forward but lose a wide player which is where we really are struggling.

If Antony and Sancho both left in January on loan how are we going to replace both of them?

Sadly he looks like another Memphis a player who's speed in the dutch league was a weapon that made him look great but put him in the quickest league in the world and he's found out because for Premier League standard he isn't quick.