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I though both full backs did well, even the 2 CB's were alright too I thought oddly enough, our problems are in midfield and in attack, causing problems both in defence and going forward.
Preston North End - 16/2/2015

Some dodgy moments but has re-found his mojo in attack. Pace has returned, confidence has returned, good crossing has returned. Don't recall him once trying that hit and hope cross we've come to expect from him.
Sunderland - 28/2/2015

Another solid performance. His actual defending has improved quite a lot.

I think the difference between Valencia and Rafael at right back is now marginal, and given Valencia's fitness record, he will prove to be the better squad player going forward.
I think he's looked more like the old Valencia recently. An ability to cross has returned, very good cross in first half to Young for the chance that O'Shea nearly put in his own net. I think Van Gaal said recently they'd been working on his crossing. Think it's mostly to do with confidence though, both he and in particular Young have looked so much more confident in taking players on recently. Agree about him defensively. Also agree that he's probably the better bet as a squad player going forward, on ability I prefer Rafael and think he can improve under Van Gaal but seems unlikely after recent reports.
Arsenal - 9/3/2015

At fault for both goals and LvG will sell our best right back and keep this guy on.
How did he perform overall? Van Gaal said he was United's best player. Did Di Maria provide support?

He's been one of our better players this season. Mistakes/errors happen.
To be fair he wasn't helped by Jones' stupid pass. These 2 should not play next to each other.
Totally agree. I think smalling has been good this season but the minute Jones came on he went to pieces.
Aston Villa - 4/4/2015

His delivery wasn't the best. His workrate (creating space for others) and link play is absolutely fine, but he is indecisive when crossing. He would be a very good full back if his crossing was better.
Manchester City - 12/4/2015

Perhaps his best performance at RB today. Worries me when passing sideways or backwards, makes me nervous but apart from that thought he was excellent.
Best performance? Smalling had to play 2 positions at times. Defensively naive as usual.
Chelsea - 18/4/15

I thought he was pretty decent to be fair.
I'd like to see how far he ran during the game, up and down the right like a yo-yo.
Highlighted the need for a new RB today. Another who is a squad player at best. Attacking wise he looked a threat. Defensively an absolute nightmare. Looked a winger playing at RB again. Has improved in the role this season but not at it today.
West Brom - 2/5/2015

Woeful at attacking these days, how he has got 3 managers to play him every week is beyond me.
I will be surprised if he is first choice at right back next season, however I'm not convinced Clyne is that much better.
Crystal Palace - 9/5/2015

He was very poor today.

His form has dropped off in the last month.
His new crossing technique with the outside of his foot is quite something.
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