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I've no idea what he was trying there, i'm not even sure he knew.
Cut in from the right once and got himself into a good shooting position with his left foot. You know what happened next.
Burnley - 30/8/2014

Get this buffoon out of the club. How he has been here for 5 years I'll never know.
I thought he had a decent defensive performance. But was very inconsistent going forward.
He would be alright if he could get a decent cross off. Keeps going hard and low and hitting the first man
He's regressed so much, he used to be a very good crosser, very consistent... he's none of those things now and some of the passes he makes in our own half are suicidal.
Extremely frustrating. He showed no thought process by continually trying to drill crosses. An overlapping full back would help, but he needs to do better.
The sad thing is, he was our only real attacking outlet... We need more quality out wide. Valencia has been predictable for the past 2 years for defenders.
It's not that he's predictable though, he used to out muscle LB's, he used to out pace LB's, he used to put in proper crosses that go straight to players. He's always been predictable, he just doesn't do the things he was once good at. It's not just about defenders finding him out, when he gets in space he smashes it aimlessly straight to an opposition player when he used to cross with aim.
He doesn't even aim his crosses. He just blasts the ball across the floor and doesn't cross balls at headable height.
Cannot defend him anymore. 8 year old children are drilled to beat the first man.
Why have 3 managers not told him to pick his head up? That's one of the basic things you're told as a child.
I'm hoping the managers incredulous reaction to Valencia's pass back to the keeper means he won't play next time.
I found myself shouting at the TV at him yesterday, he rarely takes on the LB, and they know exactly what he is going to do, cause he is so right footed it is unreal.
Everton - 5/10/2014

Was worried before the game but his pace and strength was a big plus in midfield. Best game in a while.
He looked good today. But it was against a midfield which was giving him a lot of space at least in the first half. He is always capable of putting in a defensive shift. His problem is in attack.
Is he becoming a bit of a Park type player? Maybe a bit more Milner?
Arguably his best performance in recent years. Excellent workrate, provided a presence and energy in midfield and ball retention was good. The right-side of the diamond could be the ideal position for him and he is now a viable option if Herrera is unavailable.
Manchester City - 2/11/2014

Poor first half, better in the second. He's fine in 1v1s, but his positional sense was poor, which is to be expected in fairness. City away in an unfamiliar position is a tough gig.
Was also just back from injury. He's not a right back though, it's another area that needs addressing.
His awareness is atrocious, he has never done well at right bck. Gets caught out every single game with runners behind.
Crystal Palace - 8/11/2014

He was better at right back yesterday, he was aggressive and dealt with Bolasie quite well, although his positional awareness was rarely tested. 9/10 tackles won.
Liverpool - 14/12/2014

Rolled back the years and fulfilled defensive duties too. Rafael has competition if Valencia can continue recent form.
Not sure i'd trust him as a RB, wing back role seems to suit him well. If Shaw and Rafael were available, we might not be playing 3/5 at the back. Just wish he'd be more positive and take his man on more often, did it for the first goal but was more restrained there after. You'd think that after doing it once he'd keep trying to do it. Frustrates the hell out of me.
Cambridge United - 23/1/2015

Absolutely shocking, Rafael has made him look a lot better than he is over the years.
West Ham United - 8/2/2015

His defensive work was excellent and he was very good overall. I thought he was our best outfield player by some distance.
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