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Chelsea (h) - 26/8/2013

Pleased with Valencia's performance, an improvement on last season I thought. He was defensively excellent, keeping Hazard quiet. He was still occasionally frustrating in attack and final ball was lacking at times, but overall his attacking play was decent; he missed Rafael. I would like to see him be more direct, like he was a few seasons ago and hopefully he can be as he regains confidence.
Defensively very good. Really seems to have lost the explosive pace which saw him sail past players though. Young got into better crossing positions. Personally would have liked to have seen Zaha on the bench or even Januzaj, thought we lacked impact players on the bench.
Good defending and hussleing. Offered nothing at all going forward. Becoming really frustrating to watch.
Excellent defensively, but frustrating going forward, or backwards as it seemed to be !

Maybe we should consider using him as a RB?

Why hasnt his lack of left foot been looked at and improved in training, he NEVER uses it !
Not that bothered about him not using his left foot, more worried about him not being able to use his pace to get past players anymore. Burnt out in my opinion.
Being able to use his left foot would give him a few more attacking options, instead of running around in a circle so he can use his right foot every time.

Is such a big bugbear with me
It'd be a great advantage of course but it didn't stop him before from being productive. Very one dimensional player but pretty sure it wouldn't have taken managers and players so long to figure him out (been in England for many years now) that he's suddenly become unable to produce the goods. What he had was pretty undefendable, he'd beat players for fun with pace and strength and deliver great crosses, time and time again. Struggles to beat the slowest left backs now. Either lost the pace or lost the confidence to do it, personally think it's more the first and believe it's down to him not getting the rest he needs, playing 11 out of 12 months in the year, also played a lot after injuries.
Liverpool - 1/9/2013

Promising performance and brought an urgency to our play in wide areas.
I thought he played better than Jones did at RB, and have said before that maybe we should look at him playing RB if Rafa is not available as he is quite reliable in that position
Think it's probably a better position for him now than the right wing, can't beat LB's one on one anymore it seems, gets a bit more freedom at RB. To be honest, he was probably our best player today.
Crystal Palace - 14/9/2013

Changed my mind from 2 weeks ago, i'd rather Fabio be backup RB.
Much prefer Nani to either Valencia or Young. I think I would consider picking one to sell, promoting Adnan, and replacing him with a playmaker.
Offered nothing although he seems to do better when games are more end to end.
Bayer Leverkusen - 17/9/2013

Best performance in a while. Hopefully not just a one off. Did nothing on Saturday, but did lots tonight.
Vintage Valencia in the second half. Happy for him and it was obvious the players were too; Ferdinand ran straight to him after van Persie's goal. Hopefully a step in the right direction to fully restoring his confidence.
Tony V is back !!

That was a performance of almost the Tony V of old. Was good to see and took his goal very well.
Definately getting back to his best - is it to do with his favoured no. 25 shirt?
Moyes on Valencia after his performance against Leverkusen:

"He’s done very well. They kept telling me that he needed to change his number [from 7 back to 25], so we got that changed for him! He’s got off to a good start and hopefully he’ll get close to the goals target [7 or 8] I’d like him to get this season."
Manchester City - 22/9/2013

He needs a new number, 25 is making him faulty also. After his performance midweek though he's no doubt guaranteed a starting spot for the next 2 years.
He needs a new number, 25 is making him faulty also. After his performance midweek though he's no doubt guaranteed a starting spot for the next 2 years.

Every player bar Rooney was awful today, even though he is the most one-footed player I have ever seen, against Leverkusen, he showed signs of old, and we need to stick with him, as Wilf wont track back like Antonio does
Shakhtar Donetsk - 2/10/2013

Failed to track back for goal again. Didn't do much else. Would have liked to have seen it but can understand why Nani didn't play tonight after playing 2 consecutive games not long after injury.
Was surprised he started. Moyes obviously likes him and feels that by giving him chances confidence and subsequently performance will increase... Not sure how many chances he has left though.

The way we were in the second half pinned back in our own half it was there for us on the counter I felt, I'd have brought Nani as I think he would have exposed Shakhtar on the break. Valencia didn't look like he was going to create anything really.
Had a feeling he might start. Would have preferred Nani but he's fresh for Saturday now in what is a more important game.
I don't think Valencia has been as bad as suggested this season. He's played with a proper full back on only one occasion? I'd like to see him play a 3-5 games with Rafael. Last night he pretty much followed his instructions, bar Shakhtar's goal. I'd be tempted to start him on Saturday - him or Welbeck.
It hasn't been only this season though, he's played with Rafael plenty of times and it's Rafael who's been the better attacker. By follow instruction's you mean being of zero threat with 1 unsuccessful cross then fair enough. Nani should be first choice and given games wherever possible.
I was referring to Valencia following defensive instructions. The team was set up to defend. He underperformed last season, but I would like to see how he fares with Rafael when he's showing improvement. The pair generally own the right hand side, even with an underperforming Valencia. He's been okay, bar Palace. The thing with Valencia and Young is that they have to give 8-9/10 performances before getting any credit. I would prefer Nani to play on the left ahead of Kagawa.
Real Sociedad - 23/10/2013

His best performance of the season. He was very good and could have had a couple of assists.
Fulham - 2/11/2013

Was terrific today and has been good for a while now. He's been our best winger this season in my opinion.
My MOTM today, scored the first, looked a threat, looked like the player who could run past players with ease. 2nd half he was forced to move to RB and did equally as well.
Very pleased with the way he performed today, knew he had the beating of the LB and took advantage of it
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