Andre Onana | Match Discussion Thread 2023/24

The goal keeping coaches need to work with him on the 1 vs 1's it's an area for improvement to me he goes to early, attackers probably know that so they wait for him to move first then finish.

When players are dribbling it at you for one vs ones you basically need them to mess it up with either a heavy touch so you can smother them or apply a poor finish.

Because he starts so high he has to drop back to then come forward again to close the angle once the player enters the box. I don't think he times his move forward well enough you have to make that move quickly and try to unsettle the striker. In both examples this season he hasn't done anything to try and put the attacking player off he's made it quite easy for him.

The again De Gea used to get dinked all the time in one vs one situations you give top players time in these situations and it's very rare that they will miss.
Not sure there's a major problem with his one on one play, he's got to do what he thinks is right, let's be honest a striker at the highest level should score 9 times out of 10, and if he thinks putting "what the feck is the keeper doing" in the strikers mind" gives him the best chance to keep the ball out of the net that is what he should do, it's obviously worked more times than not for him in the past.
Apart from a wee technical error on the goal had a good game.

His kicking long was on point. Helps having somebody up top that will turn a nearly good pass into a very good pass mind.
Made two good saves in the second half which I hope will help his confidence.
Probably his best game yet.

Made some good saves at big moments to keep us in the game.
Yeah, he was better. Solid performance. More of the same please. The international break away from the limelight may have helped in.
Yeah really great to see. Sometimes it can take a little while for a player to find his feet in this league and the last two games he’s been very good.

I actually feel much more confident of his penalty saving skills than I ever did with De Gea. He seems to have better instincts in that scenario.
Hopefully that’s his moment that makes him feel like he belongs as a United keeper. What a big save.
Think in the last two games he's made big saves at big moments at 0-0 he pulled off a great save then again right at the end with the penalty.

Was the same at the weekend made a good save from McBurnie at 0-0.
The only positive performance from today. Made the saves he needed to, and good to see him growing in confidence.
Yeah played really well today except for his little spill the ball on the ground incident. Luckily it didn’t cost us a goal but looks a hell of a lot more confident back there.
Good to see that after that bad spell he’s bounced back he’s shown great character to respond in the way he has.
He made a couple of great saves today and was kept as busy by our back passing as by Everton's many attacks, at least in the first half. Was on top of everything. Solid.

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