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May 8, 2011
Ander Herrera: Ander Herrera: ?El ego es falta de madurez? | Deportes | EL PAÍS


"We're going to park here either because the fines make you cringe," says Ander Herrera (Bilbao, 25 years) before leaving your Chevrolet Captiva Car Manchester United . You know where you are and are comfortable, seated at his home in Hale, just outside the city, while his girl Isabel came every day to class to master English and be able to exercise a fashion related work. He stumbled but because they wanted Van Gaal has also come to find their place in the field. This was demonstrated against Liverpool, head and feet batons yesterday phenomenal Mata complement that decided the match with two goals (1-2).

Question. Does the Premier is a school where it is easy to suspend?

Response. If you like football, if you are football fan, this is the ideal place to succeed because people have patience. In Spain there is more noise about one with the press, with opinions, with a hobby that is more passionate ... Bielsa said that patience is getting shorter because fear is imposed to lose or fail. As England is the polar opposite because it supports the team above results and believes in honesty and professionalism of the players.

Q. Speaking of honesty, will affect that will have to come to testify next June 10 about the alleged rigging of the match against Levante Zaragoza 2010?

R. One is surprised because he thinks he has played a normal game. But I'm to assist in what is ask.

Q. Going back to the Premier, is this competition makes you want more football?

A. Yes, you love. There is respect for the game and the rules because no one strip to be frowned upon. Even the referee is respected profession. Now I appreciate the advice of Bielsa, who told me that the referee is an aid for football and not an object where you should take advantage. I was stuck in my mind. Anyway, to me what impressed me the Premier is the physical ability of rivals are all very strong. Physically they are not winning.

"Van Gaal prefers not to run with the ball; Bielsa believes in player movement "
P. did you have already noticed that there are situations in which you should not put your foot?

R. Upside. The danger is that you can not get him hurt. In addition to the fans liked to do tackles , dont waste, pressure ... I contagias. Now just listen to Rooney and Carrick before games, when we demand meter leg jumping and playing aggressively, it is like a master.

Q. So you better not make jokes ...

A. Well, are different jokes. Rooney gives rise because it is very open and we insults in Spanish. But I prefer to talk about football because I know you really like boxing and not to be put to test me ... And Carrick is very serious, but it makes good another phrase Bielsa: "Leaders need not talk much, but are listen when they talk '.

Q. And who's the joker?

R. Maybe Ashley Young. But I think we have more Spanish speakers humor. Maybe it's because we always go together and seek the English sometimes more solitude. But hey, Di Maria will not stop scoring cane, Falcao and Valencia are very open ... I do not know in the end what we do is mess with the nationality of each and topics of their country.

Q. So it's not a hierarchical wardrobe?

A. I think there is great respect for those who like Rooney and Carrick spent many years here because you see that it is very difficult to do ... But I think, as De Gea told me before was more hierarchical figures like Ferdinand, Scholes, Giggs ...

Q. Can you have friends in a wardrobe stars?

R. Man, I do not call anyone brother in a few months. But eventually yes you can make friends. Football permits.

Q. Did you also talk a lot with the coach?

R. keep my distance. I think a good guy, with a character that just strikes at first, but has good background. He likes the discipline and does not believe in costume egos, but we are all equal under his rule. And me talk about what you want from me.

Q. What asks?

R. is a lover of possession and does not like to put the ball at risk. Want long possessions and have the ball because he believes that the spaces being created on the site because the team has the quality to meet. In fact, at first I missed the anger because I was looking for him, because he always wanted to have. And no, I expect.

Q. Is the opposite of Bielsa?

R. In the attack itself because Van Gaal believes the numerical superiority in the band, triangles, not to run the ball ... And Bielsa liked having the ball to attack. But he believes in player movement, overcoming a line and breaking into space. In fact, Bielsa knew his perfect goal was the coming of a center of one side and finished off the other side. He liked to get six or seven. But we both Van Gaal as Bielsa are masters of the ball. Although for my fortune is also Valverde, the most balanced technical because he knew when to attack and how to do according to opponents and fields. It is also the best in apparel management because everyone was involved, participate and happy. And do not forget Aguirre, who was the most watched the result but still was offensive because I always wanted to win. Or Milla, who worked as no pressure after the loss. I feel very lucky because none of them speculating and I believe in attacking football.

P. Although now plays over midfield playmaker who ...

A. Yes, but that I do not care. Play wherever.

"Here the danger is not to step in according to what you played because you can get hurt"
Q. What will it take to find more regular in the team?

R. would not miss. I'm just at Manchester United, the second highest grossing club in the world, which is in constant search for talent. And everything takes time because the players have our spells earthly moments. Now I play again, but when he did not play've always had in my head that I come to play at least five years, not just months.

Q. But do you think that Manchester is made ​​to measure?

R. There is only one Messi and Ronaldo shift where the club must adapt to them. The other players are planetary, so I must be tailored United.

Q. And that which initially said it was a plugged for being the son of Pedro, technical secretary of Zaragoza, right?

R. imagine that his conscience would not be quiet for trying to sink a 19 year old guy. But I am extremely grateful to those people. I tried to detract and tease and that has given me a tremendous strength and ability to overcome. Without them, we would not be here.

Q. And is not easy to believe a demigod at Manchester United?

R. In Hale, where I live, there is much entrepreneur and seem to spend a bit of football. I do not know, I think that unlike the Madrid or Barcelona, ​​this club is the least crazy you create around you. Having a good environment, and I think that fortunately I got it, helps you keep your feet on the ground. I think the ego is disproportionate lack of maturity in a person. With 35 years nobody will ask us a photo, children do not know us, you have no table in the restaurant ... I prepare for it.

P. The crowd, in any case, has shown unwavering support, right?

R. Yes. I think for my characteristics, because they never give you a ball lost, like me. And that's amazing.

Q. What is lacking in Manchester to be what it was?

R. It is difficult to be constantly compared to Ferguson's team because he made ​​the Manchester slashed her six titles of Premier disadvantage with Liverpool to be one above. But our goal this year is to finish in the top four and we track. We also had to fight for the FA Cup and Capital One Cup, and there indeed we should have done more.

Q. When cried last football?

R. Seeing Messi against Manchester City made ​​me want. How good it is! But hey, I get excited easily and not only with the major parties. I am a classic and I marveled at the game against Yeovil Town in a field with 8,000 feet shouting: 'Who are You?' [Who are you?].
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