Manchester United Under-18 player pen pics - Official Manchester United Website

Kieran McKenna:

"Aidy's a local lad who has been here a long time. He's another who has had to be patient as he's found himself behind some really fantastic attacking players who are a little bit older than him. He's been patient, worked hard and applied himself when he's played for the Under-17s or Under-16s. When he has come on or started for the Under-18s, he has taken his opportunities and performed well. He is one who will have a big part to play over the next 18 months."
Translation: Aidan Barlow is ready for TIL and the club hopes this is the start of what could be a long-lasting and fruitful partnership with Manchester United.

As part of the new partnership between the 2 clubs, 14 year old Isak Hansen-Aaroen will join us when he turns 16.
You could argue he shouldn't get any opportunities if he isn't showing any commitment to the club.

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