2021/22 End of Season Review - Alex Telles

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Feb 15, 2012
Next up on the poll is Alex Telles the back up left back.

Some stats from his league season.

21 appearances
0 goals
4 assists
2 big chances created
80% pass completion
For a backup left back I'd say he's actually been alright he's not good enough to start every week but when he's come in he's done ok.

Highlight of the season probably came in the champions league group stage where he scored a great volley against Villareal to start the comeback.

gets a 4/10 from me mainly because I don't set expectations particularly high for him.
I went for a 3. I think he's a pretty poor player really. He's not very good going forwards and he isn't very good defensively either.
A decent back up but shouldn’t be a starter for sure. He has got a good cross in him and gets stuck in but his defensive skills leave a lot to be desired. A must do better 4 for me.
I guess I'm massively overrating him by giving him a 5. Normally, a 5/10 should be nowhere near the first team, let alone the reserves. I felt he was playing to the absolute peak of his abilities. He isn't a shirker, he doesn't avoid getting stuck in, he tries him damnedest, and most of the time it doesn't cause calamity. He's just not good enough for this league.

Never let's us down and i'd take him with a broken leg over tubby ar*e any day of the week. Not great defensively but we knew that when he was first linked.

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