The Red Half of Manchester Is Smiling


What a superb day to be a Manchester United fan! After enduring a torrid fortnight Saturday served up a tonic which lifted spirits. I thank you Paul Scholes, you Ginger Magician and I thank you Spurs for producing a performance which suggested a top four team (unlike City). The Blue side of Manchester really are above their station, such a timid performance for a team chasing fourth. Isn’t there supposed to be a power shift in Manchester? Yet we’ve done the treble over them this season thanks to three injury time winners.

After the match I really, and I mean really enjoyed hammering my City mates. All week they’ve been full of it, saying how Tevez would do this, and how Bellamy would do that. We’ve done the treble over City this season and their only response was “United can’t afford David Villa!” blah blah blah. One even made fun saying we’ll only have the Carling Cup to show for our season – how many years since City won anything..? ha ha

Paul Scholes – I love the man. Man of the match performance as he controlled midfield pinging passes all over the place. Scholes had the freedom of midfield thanks to the donkey work of Gibson and Fletcher; both worked tirelessly occupying the attentions of Barry and De Jong allowing Scholes the time and space to dictate play. If Scholes is given time and space the he pass the opposition to death as Gary Neville aptly stated. Vidic, was a close second to Scholes with a colossal performance not allowing Tevez or Adebayor a kick all game.

The goal was Scholes of his prime, arriving late into the penalty area to head home. I still have a numb feeling in ear drum after the screaming my ear suffered. Well worth it though.

Neville totally dispelled my worries with a solid show against Bellamy. Apart from a couple of incidents Neville (aided by Valencia) was in Bellamy’s face for the full 90 minutes, he didn’t allow Bellamy the opportunity to turn and run.

Rooney was obviously not fit and struggled as a consequence. Why did we wait so long to bring Berbatov on?  Was funny when Rooney sprung to his feet after City fans laughed as Rooney lay on the floor.

Number 19 on its way?

Twenty seconds remaining our season was over but the late goal from Scholes and Chelsea losing to Spurs the title race is back on. I hate to admit it but we’re going to have to rely on Scousers to do us a favour.

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  1. Avatar
    worriedturkey on

    what made it better for me was that i was in with the city fans(long story)and the look of disbelief on their faces was unbelievable,pity they didn’t bring viera on earlier or took di jong of earlier(there best player)…but to play for a draw at home they got what they deserved…italian mentality we hold what we’ve got in the last ten mins,but they forgot we’ve already beaten italian mentality this season…..scholes i bow to you…how i wish you was only 25…

  2. Avatar

    Terry sitting out the next game. Is it to much to hope for that being enough for a draw. It’s a long shot but I’ll take whatever I can get.

  3. Avatar

    Scholesy and Giggs at 25 with this team!
    Anyhoo, have to agree the title roller coaster is getting a little too much to unravel, i have decided on the wait, watch and try to to have a cardiac policy for the rest of the games!
    Hope Tottering Hotspuds have their usual day at the office when it comes to playing us next.

  4. Avatar

    And now Arsenal just lost another 3p. Looks like the 2nd spot is ours. But we will of course push for number 19!

  5. Avatar

    Almost feels like the top three agreed mutually to take it to the wire! I never thought we would win it at the start of the season, but this season has to be the most open in a long time!
    Never thought i i would be rooting for the Scousers!! 😛
    Hope the SFW doesn’t rest Ladyboy and SteveieMe for their game against the Rentboys.

  6. Avatar

    Nope, it doesn’t but hey, whatever helps us to the 19th! That would be ideal, the Scousers getting one over the Chavs to help us to the 19th. Be-yoooo-ti-full!!!

  7. Avatar

    i herd toady torres out for the rest of the season and the word cup . i hope its not true. i think stoke will get a draw we beat spurs were top by a piont. then liverpool draw with chelsea we beat sunderland away thats us 3 pionst clear all we need would be a draw at home to stoke like last year when need a draw at honme to arseanl. i here berbatov is going to muinch buffon coming to us and vidic going the other way. not bad but rather vidic

  8. Avatar

    I am not so sure about the Buffon rumour, at that age, for Vida and cash?!! Lloris, Akinfeev, Neuer would be more viable options.
    Berba, unless we get 20 odd will stay. Any kind of reinvestment for that quality of player for us will be pretty high! Buying a youngish talent is all right, not expensive 28+ strikers!

  9. Avatar

    agree stretford think berbatov should stay on but he has only two years left in his contract if good money is offerd then i think united will stay as for buffon good kepeer but for me to old rather see vidic stay as well whats the piont in sing buffon when van der sar his here another season

  10. Avatar

    Love him as a player, not so sure he fits in this team though, hasn’t found a role and can’t seem to keep up with the pace. TBH, I was expecting a lot when we signed him but the way the team’s set up for most of the European and bigger games, I don’t see him fitting in! Hope I am wrong though! Then again unless we get a decent deal, I would rather we spend the money on a creative mid. We should look to spread the goals as much as we can, over reliance for goals on any single player is not a good thing. And the fact the younger talented and to an extent, proven strikers will cost us money we don’t seem to have.
    Maybe swap Berba for Ribery 😛 I couldn’t even type that with a straight face!

  11. Avatar

    nevere taught of that berba for ribery but would fergie have ribery after what he did to rapheal tryed to get him send of and fergie called him a bully

  12. Avatar

    which was better john terry missing the pently in mosow or paul scholes winner against city in the last minute

  13. Avatar

    ya for me the sanme . but at 92 minute when berbatov gave the ball on saturday i taught league was gone less than a minute letter we scored couldt b elive it. but john was better as we won champions leagu fianl. are you going to watch the champions league this weak i dont thimk i able to well not wednesday nite anyway

  14. Avatar

    for me the sanme and he slipped as well. i always say to friens what if he didnt slip would he have scored i say he would have viva john terry

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